Worth-it $$$ Dining in Taipei

I have a confession to make.

I’m a “schedule” freak.

My office is in shambles…

my room is messy.

and I haven’t done my laundry in a while…

but I like to organize my week in such a way that I’m doing something everyday.

I think it stems from a fear of being alone.

Living in a foreign country, I dislike just staying at home and spending time with myself.

I mean, I can still be alone and read at home during my spare time.

But I don’t want to make it my night’s main event.

I feel like that’s just a waste of time.

My friends think I’m freaky and insecure, otherwise why wouldn’t I want to spend time with myself?

Why do I have to go out all the time?

Can’t I be alone for the moment?

But hey, is it wrong to want to be around people all the time?

Maybe it’s just my nature to socialize — I find myself to be happier when I’m surrounded by people, than when I’m alone.

Note that it doesn’t mean I’m unhappy being alone…

but I prefer to be around people.

And it doesn’t have to be a grand event — dinner with friend(s) would do the trick.

Oh, I’ve started reading James A. Michener’s Hawaii recently. It’s quite long at 1,036 pages, but it’s a great read. I’m now in the middle of the engrossing story and I just can’t wait to finish it!

Also reading Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn” via e-book. I love the animated movie! And the book is great!

I also have the Desperate Housewives DVD back home that dear Mike (not Mike, my love guru) burned for me. Can’t wait to start it!


Oh and speaking of dinner, last night, I went to Ruth’s Chris, at Minsheng East Road.

After hearing so much about it, I finally went.

The décor is subdued with rich dark brown colors. The waiters unsmilingly polite, their wines ordinary but the food was fantastic!

For our, we ordered stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat, their asparagus salad with hands of palm, lobster bisque soup, 8 oz-filet mignon, mashed potatoes and shared two desserts — crème brule and bread pudding in whiskey sauce. My companion and I also had a glass of wine each, and we had coffee and tea afterwards.

I cannot help but rave about their filet mignon.

The filet mignon (NT$1,390) was super tender and the knife cleanly cut through the meat, with juice still oozing out of the piece. It came with hot butter sauce, and though I originally thought that you needed the standard mushroom sauce to highlight the steak’s flavor, one bite of the steak and I knew that was enough. It was already delicious by its own, and this isn’t an exaggeration.

Frankly, I prefer Ruth’s Chris filet mignon to Lawry’s prime rib.

Personally, I loved their stuffed mushrooms. It was garlic-y yet different. You get used to the taste immediately. The soup and salad I felt was so-so, but their mashed potato melted in your mouth and was a great accompaniment to the steak.

Our bill came at a whooping NT$2,800 (or P4,200) per person, since we ordered from the ala carte menu. And this was even when we didn’t order a bottle of wine!

Warm bread and whipped butter was free though.

Thank God.

Otherwise, Ruth’s Chris would’ve sent us to the pauper’s house.

Kidding aside, Ruth’s Chris proved to be one of the better restaurants I’ve ever been to in Taipei. The food is very good, even if the prices are a bit too high for regular visitations. Unsmiling servers aside, Ruth’s Chris gave one of the more delightful dining experiences I’ve ever had here. Of course, having great conversation in the table helped a lot as well.

Argh, and you know how I am with fine dining and stimulating conversation!!!

Problem is, you’re so stuffed after you leave the place that I’d recommend that you use the time to walk around and help your tummy digest the humongous quantity of food you’ve just eaten.

But hey, it’s worth it. 🙂

Even though I’d be working out this noon and go indoor wallclimbing later just to work off the weight! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Worth-it $$$ Dining in Taipei

  1. Ruth Chris is OVERRATED!!! I prefer Morton’s Steak House anyday. The price is about right thoug about $100/person. Peanuts for the working professionals.

    We stayed home all our lives. Now we’re far away from home, its dumb to stay home.

  2. Raven, when you say you are reading an “e-book” of THE LAST UNICORN, what do you mean? Are you referring to the downloadable audiobook, or do you mean a text e-book?

    The reason I ask is that there ISN’T any authorized e-book edition — so if someone is out there ripping Peter off I need to put a stop to it.

    If it is an e-book you are referring to, please let me know who put it out and how you got it.


    — Connor Cochran
    Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle

  3. Paoyu, I would love to try Morton’s Steak House, but they don’t have that in Taipei. Boo! Hoo! So we’d have to settle for the over-the-top Ruth’s Chris and pay around US$50 more for the entire dining experience. Lucky you!

    Conner, I got it from a friend, who got it from a night market in Taipei. I think she bought it from this girl with a luggage (so they can carry their goods away when cops came) full of these types of goods. It’s a CD, with the text file. Anyway, we apologize if we didn’t know it was unauthorized (should’ve figured it out considering it was from a night market), and will proceed to destroy the CD and its contents immediately. I doubt you can find this girl (my friend didn’t when she got back) as they always come and go like the wind.

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