Back from Cambodia!

Just got back from warm and sunny Siem Reap, Cambodia yesterday night! Omigosh, it was such a terrific trip and I feel so empowered! I just can’t wait to go on my next trip… maybe this time, to Thailand (Phuket) or Vietnam (Hanoi, Saigon… here I come)! It’s great — traveling empowers you.

For example, this trip, I got to see all the beautiful temples at Angkor Wat (over 20 of them!), immerse myself in the exotic Cambodian culture (had authentic Cambodian food 5 days in a row), bumped into several interesting characters (most were back-packers who have been traveling around the world for months) and just took a break from cold and freezing Taipei. My eyes have been opened, and it’s great just viewing the world with different eyes.

At first, it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing where I needed to travel somewhere to spend my annual vacation allowance. Since I’ve never been to these countries, I had Shanghai (China), Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea (skiing!) in mind. Finally, I decided to go for Vietnam and Cambodia since they were warmer and I don’t really like the cold. But in the end, James persuaded me off Vietnam citing the dangers of avian flu, so Cambodia it is! 🙂

The next step was in finding a good traveling companion.

Now, anyone who travels know that this is extremely important since it can make or break a relationship. I did get a few interested friends, one of which was an American guy, but I opted out because I felt like a lamb traveling with a lion. Of course, I’d also have to “protect” my reputation. 🙂

Finally, I “advertised” my need for a travel buddy via MSN and got one successful hit — and you’ll never believe it — it’s my boss!!!

Haha, she’s never always wanted to visit Angkor Wat but never been. Hence, she was willing to go with me, so we immediately made plans to go. 🙂

Since we were both English speakers, we opted out from traveling with a tour group and decided to go by ourselves. After some canvassing, I was able to find a reasonable hotel and airline package and booked our ticket. Believe it or not, all of these happened within a week or less!

So, who says traveling is such a big deal?

To be continued…

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