On Respect

“It takes awhile before a guy can respect a woman,” my ex said. “Women always seem to demand respect upfront, but the truth is, when a man sees a woman, he predominantly think of only one thing — sex.”

“It’s only after some time passes and they’re still around that they start respecting a woman,” he concluded.

“How long does that usually take?” I curiously asked.

“On average, around six months to a year,”
he answered. “For example, with my ex, I didn’t start respecting her till half a year after I met her.”

“With you, when we first met, I must admit, I only saw you as a sexy companion,” he offered. “But now, I’m starting to respect you for who you are.”

And in the background, I can hear Mike laughing…

Shut up Mike.

Regardless, I’m resolved to get my respect back. I’ve been more adamant on what I want and don’t want and won’t take gruff from other people.

And I think it’s working — In my organization, my confidence has increased and people are now listening to what I have to say. I have to do more work with regards to my relationships, but at least, I’m getting there.

Whether or not I have my ex’s respect is not important at this point.

What’s more important is that I respect myself.

So c’est la vie!

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