I feel great and empowered! I feel like I’m on top of the world!

Such change comes from within.

I don’t think it’s anything external that has happened recently. Nothing much has changed…

But I’ve had this surge of confidence in me that I can’t explain, and finally I know my self-worth.

I am truly an amazing woman with so much to offer. 🙂

Hear me roar!


This weekend was pretty tame compared to the previous ones, but I still had fun nevertheless (of course).

Last Friday, I went to have tea at Maokong with some friends.

It was indeed beautiful. From the mountains of Maokong, we can see the twinkling city lights as we b*tched about our life and talked about anything under the sun.

It was great!

I’d especially recommend Maokong for young lovers looking for a brief romantic get-away. It’s the perfect spot to get to know someone better.

Warning though: You’re probably going to feel sick getting there due to the constant winding roads so be careful.


On Saturday, I met up with my French friend, Natalie F., who was in Taipei for the weekend on a business trip. Natalie works as a project architect for LV, designing stores before they open. A new one is set to open on April 2006 near Linsen N. Road (Formosa Regent Hotel area).

Natalie’s dad used to be the French ambassador to the Philippines, and is a good friend of the family. A few years ago, my parents went to Paris and Normandy for a visit and Auntie Maria Luz took them around. Natalie is as warm as her parents, and I liked her almost instantly.

After having lunch with her, and resting, I met up with a guy friend for our “bet” date — he lost a bet with me and treated me to a delicious Italian dinner.

It’s great having dinner with a guy friend — the conversation was flowing (we talked about books and women), and though I’m sure he didn’t like me, he was clearly interested (who wouldn’t be?).

After dinner, we walked to the Living Room (http://livingroomtaipei.com/) for that night’s comedy show. There, we met up with Natalie and two more girlfriends.

The night was full of laughs, most hilarious of all was when the comedians tried to spoof CloudGate with “Stonegate.” I was seriously laughing like crazy.

Overall, great fun — I’ll be there next Friday to watch Lily C’s performance. Watch out for that.


As for Sunday, I had brunch with 63 other people at the Shannon. Our organization’s brunches merely started with 20 people, but now have grown to over 60!

It’s become so large that our size has become a concern.

Few restaurants can ever accommodate our growing numbers.

Regardless, this is great. From a dying organization, we have managed to revive it to its present successful state. It can’t get any better than this. It’s the “Golden Period” of our organization. Just hope we can maintain the momentum!

Afterwards, we played two games of bowling.

And I’m happy to announce that I’ve clocked in an average of 60 per game — A big improvement over my score of 18 two weeks ago.

We were supposed to watch “King Kong” until we found out it wasn’t going to show till the 18th (damn!), so we chilled out and had dinner instead at Herbs, which is located near Carnegie’s.

Dinner was delicious. We had garlic mushrooms, tuna salad, salmon and New York Strip, alongside red wine.

After dinner, we met up with Natalie again for a hot cup of Crème Brule latte (they had hot chocolate) and some nice conversation. We were supposed to join Stefan and the gang for some salsa, but opted out instead due to the cold weather. Not to mention being buzzed because we finished a whole bottle of red wine.

So we called it an early night and went home.


Guys are really so funny.

Most of them would just go for anyone who’s wearing a skirt.

It’s such a turn-off.

Can’t they be more selective? Doh.

I’ve come to a point where I couldn’t care less whether a guy liked me or not.

I know who I am and what I can offer, and if a guy can’t appreciate it, so be it.

What’s funny is that the more I have this devil-may-care attitude, the more guys are attracted to me.

Jeez, I have a handful of guys eating at the palm of my hand.

The problem is, most guys are simply intimidated by me.

You know they’re interested, and yet, they bumble and do nothing because they think you’re out of their league.

Am I really that scary?

I don’t think so!


My ex told me about his Sunday date with this woman.

Instead of being sad about it, I found it hilarious.

“After the first hour, I felt I was pulling teeth just to have a conversation with her,” he moaned. “It was really uncomfortable.”

If it was so difficult to be with her, why did they spend the whole day together?


I’m taking everything he says with a grain of salt from now on.

And just doing my own thing…

No longer will I wait for him any longer.

This is so true btw. Got this at Postsecret.com — I’m no longer going to be your faded half.

Sure, go and date around, but so will I. I will not wait around pining for you.

I know I’m a great catch… shouldn’t be too long till I find a replacement.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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