Part II: HR Case Study — Recruiting a New Teammate

Yesterday, I shared with you guys what had recently happened in our company and asked for your opinion on what would you have done if you were in our shoes or in SY’s shoes.

Here’s the result of our discussion that day — we decided not to hire SY and withdrew the offer, even though she has accepted it.

Thanks to all those who gave their input and congratulations for getting the right answer!!!

Mind you, it was an oral offer and she hasn’t signed any paperwork yet. She was supposed to have sent us her documents earlier so we can process the paperwork faster, but she wasn’t able to give them to us at the time of our meeting.

Regardless, my company isn’t the type to retract on offers. When we give an offer, we mean it — oral or not.

But the team followed their gut instincts and there were too many red flags in the case of hiring SY.

Here were the reasons why we didn’t hire her:

1) If the recruitment process was already a headache, it would not be a good start with regards to her employment. The fact that she has gone against her word a couple of times was a huge red flag. And although she was competent enough to do the job, she was also too unpredictable and we didn’t know how long she would last if she did start in our company.

2) She put the team in a difficult position of letting her start on October 2 or forcing her to start on September 12. Either way, either she or the team wouldn’t have a good impression of each other, and that is not a good way to start in a new job.

3) Since she is leaving her old company, she should’ve been more decisive and serve to please her new boss rather than her old boss. She should’ve known beforehand that her teammate was having a vacation, and could’ve prevented her from leaving later. Secondly, if she’s made a decision to leave, she could just leave. No ifs, no buts. Just leave.

4) We were doing too much of a chasing and she was still demanding for more. She’s already negotiated for a higher compensation, and we’ve already let her start on September 12. And still, she wants to extend and start on October 2. Enough is enough. We could find someone as competent as her who is less demanding.

So that same day, we retracted the offer and restarted the hiring process.

I’m sure SY wasn’t happy about it.

But tough luck, girl.

If you play with your prospective employers and try to get your cake and eat it too, you’d better prepare for the consequences.

Agree or disagree? Do share your thoughts…

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4 thoughts on “Part II: HR Case Study — Recruiting a New Teammate

  1. I think you did the right thing. It’s true when they say first impressions are important. If she could have just shown this much interest…

    “she should’ve been more decisive and serve to please her new boss rather than her old boss.”


  2. It is too late to think whether what you did is right or wrong since it is a done deal. She may have been playing you up or not, can’t really say that since I wouldn’t know what went on with the other company, she could have been there long so that there is still some loyalty…
    Anyway, hope you find a good replacement really soon! Good luck!!!

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