Pete & I

I feel way better today. Some days when you wake up, you feel attractive and so good about yourself and you don’t know why.

This is one of these days…

Everyone around me is getting sick though.

Coughing, sneezing and wheezing.

Must be the instant change of weather; even I wouldn’t dare go out without a thin jacket.

Of course, I still go out with my usual ensemble — something summery and a light jacket over it. But seriously, the days has been colder, more of like air-conditioning outside.


It’s always good to meet up with old friends.

Pete, my good Caucasian friend from the US whom I haven’t seen for almost a year is back from the dead! He’s absolutely adorable. With curly brown hair and a quick wit, this 26-year old drifter holds a steady place in my heart. Think of a Cabbage Patch doll and you’ll have a slight idea what Pete looks like.

He’s one of the guys who can make me laugh without even trying.

I remember when I first met him. He was sporting dreadlocks then. I called him my wild friend, as he would launch into a tirade that sex was good and that ecstasy and marijuana should be legal. He would constantly try to change my conservative mind and told me to be more open-minded.

My parents would kill me if they found out I have friends like Pete.

My dad would literally command me to pack my bags and come home.

Haha, after knowing Pete, I started realizing there are some things that I shouldn’t tell my parents. So long as it makes me happy and I know what I’m doing isn’t wrong, well it shouldn’t be a problem.

Despite his liberalness, it’s ironic that I met Pete at a Chinese cooking class.

I’m not really that much of a good cook, but Pete could make a mean sweet and sour chicken.

You should see him wearing an apron.


He said that the first day he arrived, he checked out the whole class and looked for the cutest/hottest girl there and partnered with her.

But since she dropped out of class, I was the second choice.

Great, thanks Pete.


But Pete and I hit it off very easily. Our conversations flew like water and it was so much fun bouncing off ideas on issues concerning religion, relationships, politics, culture and more. Because we have contrasting views about the subject, our conversations were lively and genuine.


At that time, I knew that even though Pete and I won’t see each other often, we’d always have that connection. It was just fortunate that three years has passed and still, we see each other. On and off, but at least, we still talk.

I find it interesting that I need that click to be good friends with someone. From the very first meeting, I would know if this person can be my friend for life.

This click doesn’t come often, but it’s fairly accurate.

When I first met Mike, Mary Anne, Karen, Jose, Pete and Mark, I talked with them for hours. And the interest is mutual as well. They didn’t talk to me that long because they were merely being polite, they talked to me that long because they genuinely liked my company.


Pete’s such a character. He’s always trying to see if his girlfriend can get away with him fooling around with other women. I know it’s silly but it’s always hilarious to see him try.

I remember one conversation I had with him while his girlfriend was around.

He then began this tirade:

“For example, you absolutely love rocky road ice cream! It’s your most favorite ice cream in the world! But then again, you look around you and there’s other flavors like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Your mouth waters and you want to try the other flavors out. But once you try other flavors out, rocky road will be gone! Rocky road will leave you and you can’t have rocky road anymore… Now, if only rocky road will allow me to taste other flavors…”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he meant. Nor was his girlfriend dumb, who started fuming immediately after hearing his analogy.

Girlfriends are not the same as ice cream,” she sniped back.

But still, he stays and they keep each other at their toes.

I don’t even try to get away now,” Pete said. “I think it’s man’s natural instinct to look for the next catch, but first, it’s too much hassle for me and secondly, I realize that what I have right now isn’t that bad. We may not be the best catch for each other, but at least, we try to make it work.”

Coming from a commitment-phobe like Pete, that’s quite admirable.

“I know Sandra,” he continues. “If I leave her, she’ll scratch me off her life and say ‘good-bye.’ Girls like her are very vengeful creatures. Of course, she’ll feel hurt and sad, but she’ll shut off her feelings just like that.”

He simultaneously snaps his fingers.

“Sayonara Pete,” he says.

Ah, Pete.

It’s times like this when I feel that I’m one of the luckiest people ever. I’ve never laughed so hard and you bring a smile to my face when I’m down. With you, there’s no bullsh*t. No pretenses. What you see is what you get. And despite our differences, I love you for who you are.

It’s so good to see you again…

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