THEIR First Time :-)

It wasn’t my first time — but it was definitely the first time of 33 out of 36 friends who went with me last weekend.

Guess what we did…

No really, guess!

Okay, it’s ice-skating!

Especially in Taiwan, ice-skating is a novelty. Given its semi-tropical, humid weather (unlike the Philippines, it has four seasons), most Taiwanese have never ice-skated before.

Good thing is, a lot of them can roller-blade, which makes it easier for them if they do ever try ice-skating.

Unfortunately for me, aside from trying out the ice-skating rink once or twice at Megamall more than eight years ago, my ice-skating skills are practically nil.

You should’ve seen me.

I was wobbly clinging on the bar for dear life…

And screaming like a pig every time I feel like I’m going to fall.

I think I was the loudest screamer in the entire rink.

*embarrassed smile*

But one thing I’m proud of…

At least, I didn’t even fall in my butt.

Not even once.

*proud smile*

My friend BA did though. She said it hurt so bad.

“This is going to be my first, and last time ice skating!” she declared.

Well, for me, I’d be willing to try it again… but once is enough. NEXT!


It was a very productive weekend for me as well.

First, I finally finished my indoor wall climbing belay lessons.
All it takes now is to take a test, so I can get a certificate. YAY!

And secondly, after three or so weeks, finally did my laundry!


I had so much laundry to do that in the end, I had to buy more hangers.

Only to realize I had no space to place my clothes ’cause I just had so many!


Oh well, at least, it’s done.

Ah, people from the Philippines, count your blessings. A labandera (wash lady) do really make all the difference.


The conversation of the week was about the perfect woman.

My Canadian-Chinese friend, Rose, declared that she is pretty dominating and controlling in a relationship. She “trains” her men to cook and clean… but she wants to mellow down more because guys don’t seem to want that. They want a girl who’s sweet, feminine and non-controlling.

Ken agrees.

“For a guy, a perfect woman is one who is laid-back and is neat. Meaning, she can also cook and clean,” he said.


Well, I’m not the perfect woman after all.

Yes, I’m laid-back… but I’m as messy as a pig.

*embarrassed smile again*

That’s why, it’s important that my boyfriends are way neater than I am.

Both my ex and my boyfriend would do my laundry from time to time.

And people who have seen my boyfriend’s apartment knows he’s a clean man.

Seriously, it looks as clean as a hotel room.

Don’t worry Rose, next time, don’t find a guy who you can train,” I laughingly told Rose, “Instead, find a guy who is already trained.”

It’s far easier that way. 🙂


Going wallclimbing today again! Should be fun!


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6 Responses to THEIR First Time :-)

  1. Mr Pogi says:

    sometimes you have to feel the pain for you to remember….sabi nila, masakit daw ang una…hehehe…but not in your case…cheers!

  2. ChrisH says:

    hey raven!!

    you already know Apples right? well, i was the one who introduced her to your blog, and i must say that the circumstances between both our relationships are amazing… it seems that we are seeing ourselves through you… hehehe… anyway, good work! i am one of your loyal readers, btw… 😀

    @mr pogi! kaw rin, binabasa ko rin ng madalas… i like your witty way of looking at women and relationships… i may not agree with everything you say, but at least, it makes me think things…

    good day to both of you!!

  3. raven says:

    Chrish, thanks for introducing Apples. She writes pretty well!Yeah, if I’m right, you’ll be seeing her again! How long were you separated? 🙂 My gosh, kakainggit! Am seeing my guy at most Friday of next week pa. 🙁 I miss him so much, but at present, nothing to do but count the days we see each other again.

    Can you please share a bit of your story with Apples? Am just curious on the similarities that both our circumstances share… thanks!

  4. ChrisH says:

    hahaha!! i’ll leave that for her to tell… she’s good at telling it, anyway… 😀

    well, what can i say? i just got back here last Thursday evening, she picked me up, and we were never out of each others sight since then!! how’s that for missing someone, eh? 😀

    so, makikita mo na rin pala e… i am sure he misses you very much, too… and he’ll be finally glad to be back… count on it. i was!!

    good luck, raven!

  5. raven says:

    ChrisH, okay, looking forward to hearing Apples and her story!

    Aaawww, that’s really sweet. My guy’s coming back Thursday and am so excited. Will take Thursday off so I can be with him. Miss him a lot, and yes, I can finally experience what you guys have felt! 😀 Can’t wait!

  6. Chrish says:


    what can i say, but: “there’s the similarity again!” 😀

    you see, when i came back home thursday evening, my sweetie took the whole of friday off, and spent the next 3 days with me… HAHAHA!! :))

    good luck to you and your mate, raven!!

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