Another typical weekend — Bullsh*t and more!

This weekend has been a pretty productive one.

To sum it up, Saturday was spent having lunch with some friends, and then the whole afternoon with a couple of bullsh*t artists, and then learning to belay.

Lunch with friends is common, so I won’t waste your time telling you about it. It was fun though, as I’ve had lunch with John who was visiting from the States, Amy and Kaori. So it’s a good mix of American, Taiwanese and Japanese cultures. We sure had a lot of fun comparing notes.

And Lucky John to have spent it with three beautiful ladies!

*wink, wink*

So anyway, I think you’d be more interested in the two bullsh*t artists I spent time with — and the fact that I wasted a whole afternoon talking with them.

Which makes me realize how big a fool I am.

Oh well.

You live.

You learn.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that… I hate bullsh*t.


*angry face here*

And, I hate wishy-washy people!

You know… the types who say one thing and do another?

It seems that there’s a lot of those in Taiwan.

Especially in business, people here tend to overpromise, and underdeliver. Which means that unless they are already doing what they promised, take everything with a grain of salt.

You see, my organization is having this big kick-ass event in November.

And we have approached another organization to partner with us and split the profit/risk.

Now, they first said that they wanted minimum involvement because they’re organizing a similar event of their own.


No big deal.

Then, a couple of days after, their president talks to me and tells me that they’re willing to help us out by guaranteeing 30 tickets and allowing us to advertise the event on their website in return for their organization to become a sponsor in our event.

Great. That’s doable.

*Insert cheer here*

Hence, the meeting on Saturday — to discuss the details in the sponsorship.

But then, all of a sudden, he and his goon comes to me saying that they can’t guarantee tickets anymore.

Instead, they’d buy out of “personal favor.

But as an organization, they take back what they initially offered.

And then, they offered to make our party better by offering to help us brainstorm for its content. And silly me, I allowed myself to be carried away, brainstorming with them for ideas.

Then, I realized something, “Heck, if they’re not going to get involved with this project, why are we wasting our time with them?! Why are we dancing around the issue? If they can’t do it, they can’t. Least you know, what type of people they are.”

People give you bullsh*t.

It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not.

And there’s nothing in the world that pisses me more than people who bullsh*t.

So it took me an afternoon, but I learned a lesson that day — never deal with these people again.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Next time they call, I’m busy.

I’ve raved about indoor wallclimbing before.

I’ve went wallclimbing a couple of times.

My friend Amanda wallclimbs only once a week, and boasts of a Lara Croft-like kick off body.

Hence, I’d like to be as fit as her.

Besides, indoor wallclimbing is fun!

*If you’ve tried it, you’ll know what I mean*

Adrenalin is pumping as you climb to the top. The exhiliration you experience as you reach your goal. And the relief of finally being safely rapelled down to safety.

*Picture from our past climbing activity — Boyfriend’s behind can be seen on the right*

Ah, that’s indoor wallclimbing for you…

Anyway, I’m learning how to belay because I feel bad when people had to belay (support a person with a rope as he/she climbs up the wall) me all the time.

I had lots of fun though, even if the course was in Chinese. The only scary part was being supported by an amateur who was belaying you. Now, that takes a lot of trust.

If he/she lets go, you’re dead.

My partner was still very inexperienced. Hence, it was pretty jerky coming down. But it was fun.

Nerve-wracking but fun.

The only thing I’d loook forward to is that I’d return the favor next weekend.

*Evil smile*

And the price wasn’t so bad either — For NT$2,000, they’ll teach you how to wear a harness, climb a wall, boulder, use a gri-gri, belay someone and tie the correct safety knots.

Body’s now sore… but think, Lara Croft-like body. Just keep that in mind…

Sunday — now’s my time to be a show girl!!!

I dressed up in a sexy outfit, made myself up and acted cute in front of 300 people visiting our company.

Actually, I’m the quiz-mistress of the event. Also known as the highlight of the show!

*ahem, ahem*

Okay, so I’m exaggerating.

Anyway, for 10 to 15 minutes each, I asked four groups of students questions about our company and products — and gave away souvenirs as prizes if they got it right.

My boyfriend’s nice enough to say that I’m now the company’s spokesperson/model.

I told my boyfriend I’m now an official company showgirl.

He said, as long as I took pictures of me in the sexy outfit, he’s happy.

It was a good experience though… and I’ve had fun. Besides, it was a favor for the vice-head of our department. The girl who was supposed to do it backed out due to unforseen circumstances in her family.

Now, my “show” turned out to be such a hit that they’re thinking of tapping me to be a hostess in our investor’s conference. They say I made our company sound more exciting than it actually is.

Oh brother.

Should I be happy about this or not?


Afterwards, I met up with a good girlfriend of mine for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants — Macaroni Grill!

If you guys live in Taiwan, you should try it! It’s located in the first floor of Neo19 (the same building as Chili’s).

Owned by the same people who owns Chili’s, Macaroni Grill is an old-fashioned Italian restaurant that serves super-delicious salads (Try their Chicken Florentine), grilled salmon, pastas (Pasta Rustica is a fave) and desserts (Their tiramisu and cafe latte cheesecake are to die for!!!). Ambience is great!

Their service is also terrific! When my girlfriend and I were there, they kept on refilling her cherry ice-tea even before she even finished her glass!

What’s more, most of the servers can speak English! There’s even a woman who sings high-pitched Italian songs from time-to-time.

It’s definitely a good first-date place. πŸ™‚ Formal enough to impress a girl, but casual enough for you guys to have a good conversation.

There are two cons though.

One of the cons is that they’re pricier than a lot of restaurants.

Salads were at least NT$360, grilled salmon was NT$680, and pastas average more than NT$400. Multiply every NT$1 by P1.60 to get the peso equivalent.

Just a warning, don’t order wine if you don’t want your meal to reach NT$1,000 per head!!! Without wine, you can enjoy a meal of NT$700 on average.

But it’s so worth it — a real treat! It’s my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant too! He actually spent his birthday there! We’ve been to this restaurant a couple of times since its opening last June 2005.

The other con is that, you get to bump into someone you know everytime you visit.

The first time, we bumped into my boyfriend’s good friends, Buddy and Yulia. Second time, no one. Third time, Tony Chung and date from the organization I’m in. Fourth time, my friend Maggie and ex-boyfriend. And fifth time, Mike and Patty.

Such a SMALL world, I tell you.

Really scary.

So guys, if you want to keep your relationship under the radar, don’t bring him/her to Macaroni Grill alone! That would get the gossip-mongers’ tongues wagging!

But it’s so worth it. Definitely give it a try!

Till then, C’est La Vie!

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7 thoughts on “Another typical weekend — Bullsh*t and more!

  1. raven … well i guess india’s not the place for you … here people tend to say “yes” just when they mean they dont know … “i can do it” just that they dont loose your business … “i’ll be there in 5 minutes” just to have them come after 3 hours! i mean crack the BS! just say what is it is!!!

    inhale … exhale! now i have to make my tantra to invite positivity! heheheheh …

  2. Gracei, thanks for that VERY insightful input!!! πŸ™‚ No, I’ve never been to India but I’d really like to visit. But it sounds like a place I can’t live in… too much bullsh*t. Glad you’re able to handle it well! More power!

  3. I’m taking each day at a time … just today i had to fire my maid since she was full of crap! After a day off she doesnt show up for the next working day and the worst is that she doesnt even call! hay naku i just really have to touch base with my sanity … dont want that to go astray too! thanks din ha!

  4. that indoor rock climbing, man, brings back memories, my belayer (sp?) let go of me close to the top, so i fell like what? 30 ft? luckily the floor’s carpeted and lightly cushioned.

    carry on πŸ˜€

  5. Gosh Gracie, your maid seems unreliable. Find another one!

    Chekwa, shucks. Kakatakot naman!!! Gee, if it was me, I would’ve been furious! You could’ve broken your neck! Damn! I won’t be surprised if you didn’t go indoor wallclimbing afterwards! That’s why, it’s important to find someone reliable to belay you… πŸ™

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