I usually just call my boyfriend with his given name.

And in return, he always calls me by my given name too.

But one day, we were just talking about endearments.

I asked him what endearment he used with his ex.

“I called her ‘pumpkin.'”

“Because one day, she was trying out this silly orange and black dress, and she looked like a pumpkin,” he explained. “And the name just stuck.”

Then there was silence.

And more silence…

And more silence in the room.

But actually, thoughts were actively raging in my head — “His ex was called ‘pumpkin!!!’ Why doesn’t he call ever use an endearment with me?!’

Then, I thought, “Does this bother me? If not, no use to bring it up…”

Think… think… think…

Finally, I realized, “Yes, this does bother me. I WANT AN ENDEARMENT TOO!”

We women can be so funny sometimes.

This is one of my funnier moments.


“[Boyfriend’s name]?” I called him.

Yes?” he inquired.


Then silence.

It’s now or never.

How the heck do you make these sort of requests?!

It’s cheesy, and I’m not really a cheesy person. 🙁

Then finally, I decided to just blurt it out loud in a puppy-dog manner, “I also want an endearment.”

Oh, so this is what’s bothering you?” smiled he. “Which endearment do you want?”

“It’s up to you…” I meekly replied. It’s quite embarrassing to have this sort of conversation, you know. “Maybe cupcake, sweetie pie, or teddy bear?”

Hmmm… how about… dimsum?”

Dimsum?!” I exclaimed. “Can you think of something better than that?”

Girls are funny. We ask for a guy’s opinion, and once we get our request, we’re not satisifed.

“Shui Jiao?”

“Chicken pot pie?”

How about ‘chicken thigh’?”


Now, I know his favorite dish is chicken… but still, ‘Chicken Thigh’ is not romantic.

How about ‘my little drumstick?'”

I laughed.

And laughed and laughed.

Who calls their girlfriend “my little drumstick“?!

Well, now, my boyfriend does.

I’m probably the only girl being called “my little drumstick” by my boyfriend.

*roll eyes*

Entirely in private, of course.

This sort of endearment’s embarrassing when voiced out loud.

But seriously, I call him “Hun” or “Honey,” sometimes. “Dear” when thanking him.

No “babe” for him though… he thinks they’re too babyish.

Nothing yet has seriously stuck. But at least, we’re getting there…

How about you guys? What type of endearments do you use with your significant other? Do you think endearments are really that important?

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8 thoughts on “"Dear…?"

  1. he he he…sweet to hear, your bf called you “my little drumstick” compare to me…my bf called me “babsie” dont ask why….grrrr..
    Anyway, at least he will always remember you when he eats Chicken….

  2. hahaha… i think my little drumstick sounds cute in mandarin…does he call u that in mandarin or english? i think it’s really sweet.

    my ex and i just called each other the standard “hun” and if there was any other endearments, i think i’ve forgotten… hehehe

  3. He calls me that in English. 🙂 It would sound awful in Chinese. But he calls me “dimsum” in Chinese.

    That was the beginning… now, it’s simply “honey,” or “hon.” Still getting used to it… 😀

  4. None, really. Although my daughters found a card I gave my wife with the name “Perpy” on it a long time ago. They got a giggle out of that, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember anymore what it meant!

    In retrospect, sometimes I think it was kinda juvenile and corny. Like it was just a phase. We’re used to calling each other by our nicknames only. And even with the kids, we don’t call each other Daddy/Mommy, Dad/Ma, Papa/Mama like other Pinoy couples do.

    I don’t know. To us, endearment goes beyond just naming names. It’s her voice, her smile, her scent, mannerisms…

  5. hi,

    we are the typical couple who calls each Papa/Mama. though now i call him Papsie.

    Blackdove is right. endearment goes way beyond these names. it’s ironic calling somebody these endearments then cheat on her/him at the same time, or beat her/him up when irate, etc, etc.

    your bf is a sweet person to have chosen something that does not go off his mind. it sounds sweet to me.

  6. Mr. Pogi, thanks for visiting! Hope you visit and leave comments more often!

    Bing, just curious, are you married? And yes, he’s really sweet, with or without the endearments. 🙂

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