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There are basically three ways to look at things on finding “the One:”

1) There is really that one person fated for you. He/she is perfect for you in many ways, and the moment you meet him/her, there is just that instant connection, and in many ways, you are compatible with each other.

2) You choose someone, and both of you work your ass off to make the relationship work, learned to compromise and live happily ever after.

3) There is no “One” person for you. But there are a lot of people quite suited for you. In fact, you can be quite happy with a lot of people.

I’m still idealistic enough to believe there is that special for someone for me. Personally, I don’t think my boyfriend is the one — yet. But seeing how both of us are willing to make the relationship work, it does look promising.

But of course, time will tell.

How about you? Do you think “The One” exists?


It makes you wonder…

Two guys are in love with my close girl friend — one is her current boyfriend, while the other is her ex.

Which guy is the right guy for her?

The ex tells me that he is more compatible with her. He claims that there is no one who can understand her like he does, and vice-versa. After years of togetherness, they have reached a level of understanding that he knows how she feels just by looking at her.

I betcha her current boyfriend does not understand her the same way as I do,” he says.

However, if you’d notice, no matter on how much you understand a person, if she’s in the arm of someone else, there’s really nothing you can do. At the end of the day, she is still with him, and not with you.

Maybe there may be a reconciliation… maybe not.

But the thing is, when you’re with someone, you give it your best shot. You settle all your little issues and compromise to make the relationship work.

Break ups are merely the worst case scenario — when issues can no longer be dealt, and the couple realizes this isn’t the person I’d like to spend the rest of your lifewith.

And once you break up, that’s it.

The relationship was your chance, and once you break up, there has to be a damn good reason for it. And breakups are breakups.

There’s a sense of finality in them.

I’m aware that some people still hook up even after the breakup. And maybe it’s possible.

But I believe that your chance lies when you’re in a relationship. That’s why you have to treasure your partner, every chance you get. Because once you break up, it’s a totally different story already.

Things change. Circumstances change. And people move on.

It will never be the same as before. 🙁


About Tina

I'm a forgetful person. But I think a lot. Every day, a lot of thoughts enter my head. That's why this blog came to be: first, to keep my memories alive through the years, and two, to actually see how I and my thoughts have changed. Please note that I seldom draft or edit my posts. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I offend some of you, my readers. And while I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable, I am not sorry for being honest or for making well-intentioned mistakes. I will however be the first to admit if I change my mind. Hence, do read and proceed with caution. My life is as colorful and as boring as you make it. I complain many days, but offer some encouragement in others. Life is fluid, it changes. So keep the positives and throw away the negatives, and I do hope that at the end of the day, you will enjoy reading the blog and leaving comments here and there if my posts touches you. Happy reading!
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11 Responses to Just musing…

  1. Anonymous says:

    well said 🙂

  2. raven says:

    Anonymous, whoever you are… thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. 😀

  3. eventuallypretty says:

    yeah i agree there are reasons for the breakups. there might be something much better in store for you.

    i think there is no ‘One’ for a person. you make that person the ONE for you. the relationship might not be perfect but somehow being with that person puts you in a high and a smile on your face each and everyday. 🙂

  4. Li'l Miss Eunice says:

    finding “The One” is a decision. I stopped believing in soulmates, in love at first sight and any deus ex machina that makes the pursuit for love uber magical… i like your theory on multiple “The Ones”… i think some people arent meant to commit to one person. 🙂

  5. Li'l Miss Eunice says:

    finding “The One” is a decision. I stopped believing in soulmates, in love at first sight and any deus ex machina that makes the pursuit for love uber magical… i like your theory on multiple “The Ones”… i think some people arent meant to commit to one person. 🙂

  6. Jaclyn says:

    Curious—how come you don’t use his name (even just his first name or nickname) but just keep referring to him as “my boyfriend”? 🙂

    In response to your post, I think it’s a cross between 1 and 2. Yes, there is someone for you out there, but beither should you should you take him (or the relationship) for granted so you still have to work at it 😉

  7. raven says:

    EventuallyPretty, as they say, move up, not down. So better make sure you don’t make the same mistakes the next time around and find someone better. How have you been lately? 🙂

    Jersee, you’re right. I’d like to believe that some “Ones” are better than the others. There’s a lot of people you can be with. You just have to find someone who’s a better fit to you.

    Jaclyn, sorry about that. I’m more about protecting his privacy. Besides, it makes me feel more comfortable that other people don’t know his identity. Hope you understand.

    Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments!

  8. Jaclyn says:

    Hey Raven, no worries, wasn’t complaining, was just curious 🙂

  9. raven says:

    Jaclyn, no offense meant. 🙂

  10. eventuallypretty says:

    ei raven. i’m doing well as you have read on my blog. wish me luck 🙂

  11. raven says:

    EventuallyPretty, as I’ve said, congratulations!!! If u have time, do tell us more about him in your blog. He sounds so mysterious!

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