30 is sexy!

What’s wrong with hitting the big 3-0?!

Recently, some of my girl-friends have celebrated their 29th or 30th birthday, and as expected, most of them are not too happy about the fact they’re saying goodbye to their 20s.

What’s more, if they’re still single by the time they’re 30, a lot of them start freaking out!

“Oh no, I’m getting too old,” they’ll say. “Nobody will go for me now!”


“Most guys usually go for young women!!!”


*clears throat*

Personally, I feel that the ages 28 to 35 are peak ages for women. That’s the prime of your life, girls!

It’s the time when most women are becoming more and more mature.

They’re no longer considered to be Hello Kitty women anymore.

They’ve gone through a lot of experiences, and they basically know what they want or don’t want in life. They’ve visited several countries, and are already more worldly. At this time, their careers should be flourishing and their life is set. They’re independent and already have enough experience to go through life with confidence.

In other words, they’re empowered women!

You have to admire them for their strength, maturity and worldly beauty… and I find this to be very beautiful.

I personally look forward to the day I hit 28.

It’s actually the age where I can officially have a boyfriend, according to my dad’s rules.

*cough, cough*

But then, you hear them say, “You’re not complaining because you’re still too damn young! You still have a few years left on you! You can still take your time!”

Hmmm… that’s what happens when society pressures you to get married ideally before you reach 30. You start freaking out once you realize your biological clock is ticking.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but my mom had me when she was in her late 30s.

So girls… you’re in your 30s. Not in your 60s.

I doubt if you have anything to worry about.

And heck, even 60-year old women are able to find drop-dead 25 year old men!

And if you’d look at my friends who are in their 28+, my gosh, you can’t help but drop your jaws.

They’re beautiful because they’re confident.

Oh, and a last quick question before I start working in my regular grind, what’s the deal with younger women?! What’s their allure?!

I don’t really get it.

And why would you be interested in guys who want teeny-bopper women in their early 20s who can talk about nothing else but fashion and makeup?

Mature men want mature women.

Don’t you want a mature man?

Frankly, my boyfriend would prefer it if I am 28, not 24. Better yet, if I’m 30! It makes him a wee bit uncomfortable when his friends start asking questions about me and him. They can’t help but wink jokingly that he’s dating a baby-faced, 24-year old girl!

But I can’t help that I was born four years later. But yeah, my age was one of the issues we had to deal with when we started dating.

And even now that we’re steadily dating, it’s still joke that he’s dating a woman way younger than he is.

He would actually prefer someone older, not younger. So, my younger-than-ideal age was actually something we had to overcome. It was actually a disadvantage, than an advantage.

So ladies, don’t worry. You still have all the time in the world!

Boy, I really can’t wait till I’m 28!
Went to the Oriented Happy Hours last night! Boy, I really had a blast!

Of course, I’m still sticking to my own organization, but I do believe Oriented and my organization serve two different needs.

Oriented caters to the professional crowd who jsut wants to exchnage business cards and have a drink before going home — while my organization is more interest-based.

I don’t usually have fun in Oriented Happy Hours, mainly because I find no reason to rub elbows and exchange cards with people I’d probably won’t see or meet in the future.

But I had fun in this one cause I got to meet friends from before. 🙂

As for tonight, I’m going dancing!!! Promised Mike I’ll go clubbing with him and my friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been, so I’m quite curious on how much the music scene has changed…

Also gives me a chance to dress up in something sexier — something I’ve not done for months!

You don’t dress up sexy in Taiwan unless you’d want people to think you’re a slut. You only dress sexy in context, and that’s in a club.

Anyway, trying to keep myself very busy these days. With my boyfriend in the States for his vacation, it just makes it easier if you’re busy doing your own thing and enjoying your “alone” time.

Just making the most of it! C’est La Vie!

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