Freedom in Relationships

A week ago, my friends and I were talking about freedom in a relationship and its relation to zodiac signs.

George states that these signs — Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini — particularly love their freedom in their relationships. Freedom, for them, is in doing what you love, without restriction from their significant others.

The “impression” of freedom is enough.

As a Libran, I was intrigued as to what he meant.

He then gave an example, if your interest is traveling or playing golf, it’s important that the partners of people under these signs be very understanding and allow you to travel and play golf.

Once their partners start restricting them from doing the activities they love, Aquarians, Sagittarians, Librans and those under the signs of Gemini and Aries, will in time, won’t be happy with their relationship, and leave.

To stay in a relationship, you must be happy. And for people under these signs, they at least, need the “impression” of freedom to be happy.

Mind you, happy is the word here. Not peaceful.

Peaceful relationships aren’t always happy.


However, with freedom comes responsibility.

Do what you want, but also be mindful in what you do.

It doesn’t mean that with freedom, you can do everything you want, even if it would hurt your partner.

Trust is also a very important factor in the formula.

I love to go out with friends,” cites George in an example. “But I make sure that my girlfriend knows where I’m going and who I am with. This is to prevent doubts in a relationship.”

Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship,” he continues.

Helen agrees.

As a Gemini, she likes to go out and have fun. But she believes that loyalty to one’s mate is also very important.

Helen then said that when she was dating her husband before, he used to be so jealous of her guy friends. You see, very close guy friends are a foreign concept in Taiwan.

While kissing (in the cheek), hugging and leaning are common practices between good guy and girl friends abroad, it’s weird to hug your guy friends in Taiwan.

People here will look at you funny.

In fact, the distance between men and female here is so great, most people will never believe that you’re “just friends” with your guy friend if you subtly touch him a lot.

A lot of women here do not have very close guy friends.

As a super touchy-feely type of gal myself with a couple of close guy friends, I found this statement to be completely true.

A lot of people have assumed the worst of me since I’m very touchy with both my girl and guy friends.

However, touching is merely an outlet to express my affection for the other person.

I don’t mean anything by it. It just shows that I like you as a person. People who know me very well know that I hug everyone.

It’s just who I am.

And it’s important for me to find someone who understands that. Like Helen’s husband. Even though he was jealous at first, he learned in time that there was nothing to worry about.

If I want to “switch” partners, you’ll know. Being jealous won’t help.


I myself like freedom in my relationships.

I trust my guy 100% and in return, they give me their 100% trust.

All of my guys never doubt my fidelity.

As my ex had said before, “You cannot cheat. It’s not in your nature to cheat.”


But I do value my freedom.

I like to go out and have fun.

I have my own circle of friends and my own interests.

Hence, I can’t be with a boyfriend who’s a green-eyed monster — or we’ll both go crazy!

Imagine, how would a guy take it if I have a harmless dinner with a guy-friend one on one?

Some would freak out and start doubting if this is merely a platonic friendship.

So in a way, I’m quite fortunate in my relationships.

For example, I had dinner with Mike last night, and my boyfriend was perfectly fine with it.

He said it was important for friends to spend quality time together, and I appreciate him more for that.

Cage me, and I’ll start feeling unhappy.

Let me free, and I’ll love to spend more time with you!


It’s amazing how some Taiwanese girlfriends can be so jealous.

What’s funnier is that they have nothing to be jealous about!

I’ve always teased my guy friends on how controlling their women were.

I’d go crazy if I were them! And heck, I’m a girl!

They would call their boyfriends several times a day. They were insecure if I hung out with their boyfriends.

As if I’d do anything! 🙁

Excuuuuuuse me sister, I don’t do attached men.

Besides, I already have one of my own!

And I’m perfectly happy with him. 😉

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