Final Chapter: Vibe Adventure

I’m sorry, I’ve been a bit distracted recently. So many things to do, so little time.

The past couple of days have been busy. Just a brief rundown of events, Mike and I did have coffee last Thursday, and it was quite nice talking to him that we had some drinks afterwards. He gave me so much crap about not being spontaneous (I live my life in a schedule) that I just had to have that drink to prove that I’m not.

Silly, I know. But I had a nice time. Not spectacular — but nice. Before leaving however, he told me that he’d like to send me an email, so I’d better be sure to read it.

The next day, I got his email.

My mouth just opened in shock!

This is the email I got from him:


Which I think is an appropriate reaction given the circumstance.

Why is it that every single guy I meet, whom I have at least an interest LEAVES?!!!

My ex… left after four months; Mike (Tom C.)… after a month, Mike (from Vibe)… after a week! Geez, it’s getting shorter and shorter!

Am I jinxed?!


So now, the dilemma — should I go or not?

In normal cases, I wouldn’t go. First, it’s too last minute. That was later that night, and I had plans. Secondly, it sounded a bit like B.S. to me. His grandpa in bad condition? Now, what sort of sucky excuse is that?! And thirdly, what will happen if I met him on his last day in Taipei?

Will I be his last conquest?


No harm in that though, I know nothing will happen. But safety-wise, I don’t know him that well, so I don’t feel comfortable going there alone.

So I asked around. Good thing Karen agreed to go with me (Thanks Karen!). She knew just how much I needed someone to be there.


So after dinner, went to Roxy 99 with Karen and Jose (he came as well) and looked Mike up and also got to meet his friends Tom (who’s this extremely funny guy).

We danced the whole night, and it was loads of fun. I was pretty tired afterwards., but it was fun.

And that was that.

What else do you expect?

What else should I expect?

The guy’s leaving anyway. So I figure, there’s nothing wrong in spending a few hours with him and his friends, dance the night away, give him a hug, and say goodbye.

No tears (good thing I haven’t become too attached yet).

No expectations.

No regrets.

Just, “I had a nice time with you. Thanks for dropping by in my life, and goodbye.”

And file this away as another “interesting” experience in Taipei.

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