Nike: Just do it!

Every time I make a mistake, I try not to regret it. If I did, I’d go crazy sooner or later!

Life doesn’t really wait for you. You go with the flow, and sometimes, you’d have to make a decision. Doesn’t have to be a big decision. It can be deciding when to do your laundry, whom to send the evening with, and so on. But yes, small or big, decisions have to be made everyday.

Now, life doesn’t wait for you to make up your mind. As I’ve said before, an opportunity arrives, and you have to make a decision. It’s not as easy when you were younger when your parents would make a decision for you. Either black or white — decide. There were good and bad decisions. Everything was so clear.

But now, as you grow older, decisions aren’t necessarily good or bad anymore.

Sometimes, both are bad (e.g., when we’d have to elect officials into our corrupted government; it’s more or less electing the lesser evil). Sometimes, both are good (e.g., deciding what to do on the weekend), while sometimes, both are neutral.

But decisions have a way of affecting our future as well. So though there’s no real “right” decision, we’d have to make the best on accessing all the factors surrounding us and then…

Just do it.

And to hell with the consequences.


Part IV: Vibe Adventure

After Mike called off our “coffee date,” I didn’t really care if we met or not.

I would’ve erased him entirely off my mind if he didn’t text me two days before. He texted on Tuesday, wanting to meet later that night, at any time convenient for me.

Since it was on the very last minute (and I thoroughly dislike people being too last minute… as if they’re presuming that you’ll make time for them), and I already had plans that night.

So I texted back: I’m busy. Can we do it some other time?

Most guys would think that would be an excuse. He obviously did as well because he bemoaned that I had a much busier week than him. I don’t think guys really think that us girls have a life.

In my case, I wasn’t kidding — I was really having a busy week.

We can just reschedule later, I texted back.

If ever he wanted to meet, he’d have to wait. He had his chance to meet earlier and he blew it. Does he expect me to just drop everything and go out with him?! My gosh.

Usually, guys would just forget about it. Seems like Mike wasn’t like other men.

A bit later, I get another text from him:

Just 30 minutes to see your beautiful face. I can go over in your area and see you.


That looks like b*llsh*t right there as well, right?

*roll eyes*

But of course, you’d just have to smile. You gotta give him credit for his persistence.

But still, after thinking about it, I decided to keep my appointment with my friend. For one, once I make plans, I intent to keep it. Besides, I didn’t know what time my friend and I would finish having dinner. So I texted Mike back and said that it would be better if we could reschedule ’cause I’d be really busy that day.

No reply.


So I had my dinner, and had a great time while I was at it. But when I got home, I got another text from Mike:

Okay, you win. Personally, I’m more of a lover than a fighter. How about Thursday? We can just go walk around the night market or something. Don’t say no, okay?

Thursday, Thursday… I had plans on Thursday. But do I still want to meet him?


I could just say I’m busy right then and there, and I’d give it a 50/50 chance of him ever bothering me again. Heck, if I was him, I wouldn’t even contact me again. I’ve rejected him that much. Guy’s got to have his ego as well.

But then again, I thought to myself, who knows? I haven’t really given it a chance to get to know him. Maybe he’s a cool guy. Anyway, there’s really nothing to lose, just an hour of my time. And who knows what I may discover about this guy?

I’d admit that it is always exciting to meet and get to know someone new.

I’ve always rejected guys whom I’m not interested in and had asked me out. For me, it’s either interested or I’m not. But with Mike, he’s captured a bit of my interest… just didn’t know if it’s worth to continue developing this interest or not.

So why not give it a chance? Just one coffee, and we’re done.

After thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided sure, why not?

But I still had plans that day. My thing was supposed to be till 9:30PM. I knew I would be dead tired by the time I meet him, so I gave him a choice: Meeting me on Thursday for coffee, or some other day. I also added this in: But personally, I prefer some other day cause I know I’ll be tired.

His reply: I think coffee on Thursday is cool, I can meet you. Up to you if you want to reschedule some other day. PERSONALLY, I’d prefer to meet you sooner or later.


Real smooth.

I just had to smile.

Guys, this is a great response. Actually, it’s the perfect response.

First, the guy admits to the girl that she has just made a great suggestion.
Secondly, he gives her the freedom to change her mind. *Girls love this*

But before ending the text, he makes sure that he is clear on his own opinion on the subject: You can reschedule, but he would really like to meet you on Thursday.

All right, don’t say I didn’t warn him. So I texted him back and set a date for coffee on Thursday.

Came Thursday, this time, he was on time.

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