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HR Talk: Why Do We Need to Pick our Employers Well? And How to Compute for Retirement (And Separation Pay)

More than ever, an employee must take special care in finding an employer he/she would want to serve with. If I were an employee, the ECQ would have been an eye opener. Not only does it shed light to the … Continue reading

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Business Hack: Always Check the Breakdown (Version 2)

Problem 1: Requisition Request for Disinfecting Materials  My relative is the Treasurer of the Condominium Board of Trustees, and has asked me to double check the replenishment report of the administrative secretary. The administrative secretary asked for Php 30,339.50 to … Continue reading

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HR Series: For probationary employees, are you counting the correct 6 months deadline?

The Philippine Law said that companies have 6 months to gauge the capability of a probationary staff before the decision is made to regularize that staff. Companies erroneously count 6 months from the day they start. Hence, for example, if … Continue reading

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