Labor Advisory No. 31, Series of 2020: Deferred Holiday Pay

Labor Advisory No. 31, Series of 2020: Bayaran ng DEFERRED holiday pay deadline on December 31, 2020.

Please note that:

1. Establishments thay have totally closed or ceased operation during the community quarantine period are exempted from the payment of holiday pay.

2. Under the Philippine Labor Code, employees covered by holiday pay rules should receive at least 100% of their salary even if they did not report for work, SO LONG AS they’re present on the workday or on paid leave on the day immediately before the holiday.

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3 thoughts on “Labor Advisory No. 31, Series of 2020: Deferred Holiday Pay

  1. Hi Ms. Tina!
    Thank you for this. Questions po, We have floating employees since lockdown and they filed leave of absence due to pandemic.

    1. Are Floating employees also entitled for REGULAR PAY?
    2. If employees with On and off schedule entitled for REGULAR PAY?

    Thank you po.

      1. Hi, Mam Tina from March 17 to May 31, we declared Temporary Closure / Stop Operation and got our 2 months SSS Wage Subsidy. Since our Company is Temporary closed for more than 2 months, do we still need to pay the April and May Regular Holidays?
        Thank you Mam Tina

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