Restaurant Review: Gulliver’s of San Francisco Restaurant ❤️❤️❤️

I have always seen my friends post photos of them eating at Gulliver’s, so we went to try it out last Friday.

Located at the 8th floor of Great Eastern Hotel along Quezon Avenue, Gulliver’s in an institution, serving reasonably priced prime ribs in a dated hotel restaurant that can still be interesting as a date place.

There were at least seven tables full when we arrived. But the restaurant was so big, it was still very comfortable and spacious, albeit dated.

The servers were costumed and courteous. There was even a man playing oldies on the piano the entire time we had dinner.

Apparently, such romanticism is not lost yet. Gulliver’s seem to have it every night.

I like it. ❤️❤️❤️

The menu was simple but had a lot of choices.

Order the steaks as Gulliver’s is known for it. A friend ordered the prawns but had regrets. Their steaks are so much better!

We started the meal with a caesar salad (php 300) to share:

Delicious!” Hubby said as he munched on the crunchy greens. The sauce was not store bought and was tossed evenly. “So much better than the ones we eat in Pancake House!”

We also ordered the Fisherman’s Spaghetti(php380) to share.

I am familiar with this sauce as it tastes like what I would cook at home. Very creamy and slightly nakakaumay. But it has a lot of seafood to make it worthwhile.

I would order other dishes though the next time I visit.

Their Gulliver’s cut prime rib (php1,200) was very impressive though. Check out Hubby’s slice:

This was mine, slightly more feminine:

The prime rib was served with baked potatoes, a dallop of creamed spinach, bread, and a cup of delicious creamed corn.

This was delicious!

Served with its own juice, the Gulliver’s prime rib was oh so yummy! Many steak comes with gravy to give it flavor, but Gulliver’s prime rib can stand well on its own without salt or gravy.

“Okay, we can really come back here!” exclaims hubby as he devoured his slice. And as an act of ultimate approval, “We can even bring my family.”

His dad has expensive food tastes so it’s a high compliment.

Sulit for the price!” He finishes.

Mind you, the steak was nicely done our 3 year old daughter also ate a big slice. It was soft and tender, just the way she likes it.

We finished the evening with some dessert. The trifle (php160) tastes weird, order something else next time:

But their warm cinnamon apple pie ala mode (php185) was to die for:

My hubby ordered two iced teas so our total bill came out to php3,300. Pretty decent as there was at least three of us dining, with the baby and yaya.

In conclusion, Gulliver’s of San Franciso is a great restaurant to visit especially as many shiny new restaurants come and go.

They have free parking, spacious dining area, awesome food and reasonable prices.

Just bewarned, the place is old.

The elevator took a long time to get from the parking to the 8th floor (we found that highly amusing), and it felt somewhat like a haunted hotel with dated interiors, but hey, we came there for the food and experience and we got more than we bargained for!

Come visit and order their prime rib! Then please let me know what you think. Can’t let this place die. We plan to make repeat visits in the near future!

Gulliver’s of San Francisco

1403 Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon Avenue, QC

Telephone: 371-8282

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