When a Yaya Leaves AGAIN!

Our yaya didn’t come back from her 12-day holiday from Guimaras.

We gave her a paid 12-day vacation to Guimaras as we were also on holidays to Europe this month.

Yaya, you will come back in the evening of December 11 ha,” I told her.

Of course, ma’m,” she said. “You know naman that mahal na mahal ko kayo.” (You know that I love you all very much).

She was referred by an agency and was with us for 6.5 months before we both went on our separate holidays.

I was happy to give her the holiday as it was a great reward for her to see her family. I even paid for her transportation to and fro the province, gave her extra petty cash, and gifts for her family.

When we got back, we waited for her.

She didn’t arrive on December 11.

We took our daughter to school on December 12.

She didn’t come back on December 12.

We tried to call and text her, but our texts remained unanswered and her phone was out of reach.

We regretfully accepted the fact that maybe she ghosted us, and she really had no plans of returning to Manila. Or maybe her husband and her five kids got in the way, and since she had sufficient funds from her 6 month stay, she didn’t come back to Manila anymore.

Lesson to Self: Look at the Yaya’s actions, not just with her stories. No matter how sweet she sounds, expect the unexpected.

Our daughter is sad: She really liked this yaya.

See her reaction when I asked her where her old yaya was:

Our daughter is sad. She’s bothered by the fact that yaya has abandoned her.

Unfortunately, what do you do when another yaya leaves you just like that?

So, I started looking for another yaya for my daughter.

I started sourcing a yaya on December 13. I interviewed one yaya on December 14, and accepted the new yaya.

She will start on December 17 after resting over the weekend.

Hope this yaya is better and we can finally get a yaya for life. 🙂

Ah, yayas in the Philippines. You can’t rely too much on them, and you just really need to go with the flow.

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3 thoughts on “When a Yaya Leaves AGAIN!

  1. If she didn’t have plans to come back, she should have just said so. It really bothers me when people don’t keep their word… especially when it’s to little kids! Good thing you got a replacement quickly! Do you guys accept helpers ba when they ask to come back?

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yay, now I can visit your blog whenever I like! Keep on writing.

      Many yayas don’t keep their word. You give them transport fare and some cash for Christmas and they always promise to return, but don’t. It’s enough to make you lose faith in humanity. If you don’t keep your word, then what does that make you? But many yayas have no shame in breaking their word.

      My older yaya found out that the yaya left and called me up to ask if she can have her job back. After stewing about it for a few days, I decided to not take her back anymore even though I was in dire need of one. Terminating helpers are like breaking up with someone: There was a good reason why they left you, or you terminated them in the first place. I don’t think a leopard will ever change his spots, and despite her pleas that she would change and be a better yaya, I doubt she will be any better the second time around. So no. Do you guys accept old yayas pa ba?

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