Why we didn’t bring Little Pea this trip

We have been on a tiring business trip this entire week.

These 4.5 days is one of the longest vacations we have had without our baby. Husband and I cannot help but miss her a little and review some of her photos and videos.

It’s only when you have kids that you realise it’s not easy to be a working mother.

For one, you have to sacrifice time with your child.

Since we are going to a global trade show, we couldn’t bring our active toddler with us.

The crowds are huge and from people of all over. It is not a good place for a 2.5 year d child. See the crowd:

So Little Pea stays at home.

Two, kids are a bit of a drag and will slow you down.

Given our tight schedule, we had to act and walk fast. Just imagine, for the entire trade show, I was walking.

My abs hurt from walking.

My feet was sore from walking.

We can’t really do that when we bring our daughter. We had one more thing to worry about.

Three, it simply doesn’t look professional.

I saw some dudes wearing casual shorts. Some other attendees brought their small kids. So yes, maybe shorts and small children are permitted.

But they sure look unprofessional. If I am a supplier, I will not take them seriously.

Why should I?

If they cannot even make an effort to separate work from home, well, they probably aren’t too serious about my goods in the first place.

We do miss our little daughter though.

We left her with ama who’s having a ball taking her out everyday. It does warm our heart to see our daughter bring her grandmother much joy.

Can’t wait to see her later in a few hours!

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