My Yaya’s Key Performance Indicators

My baby has a yaya (nanny) who’s already been with us for a year.

Now, I’ve never really been too sensitive regarding dust or dirt, which is why I’m not too upset when she doesn’t really clean our living room. Anyway, her main job is to help us raise my daughter. Not clean the house.

But to make life simple, I have made official the three key performance indicators (KPI) I gave my yaya:

  1. Huwag mong patayin ang anak ko. 

In English, this means, do not kill my child.

Specifically, you have to watch over my kid and ensure that she enters no danger. You have to make sure she is safe at all times, and she doesn’t end up dead.

It only takes a few seconds of carelessness for a child to be damaged permanently. Her job is to ensure that my daughter is safe and protected at all times.

fallen child.jpg

2. Huwag mong walain ang anak ko.

This means, do NOT lose my child.

Whatever she does, she ensures that my child is returned home safely. This includes making sure she gets to school on time, gets home safe after school, and is looking after my child especially in large public places like the park or the mall.

3. Patabain mo ang anak ko.

This means, fatten my child.

fat child.jpg

She needs to feed my child timely and with the correct nourishment. My child should not look as if she is starving, and should be well fed at all times.

How about you?

What is your yaya’s KPI?

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