To the best band there is… I’m so sorry and I cry with you…

My husband shook me awake last night, “Linkin Park is dead.”

“What do you mean it’s dead?” I groggily asked. Mind you, I was already half asleep by then. 

He showed me the article, “Chester Bennington is dead due to suspected suicide.”

My heart dropped. How could it be? 

I thought it was a hoax until I saw the article from TMZ. 

I still couldn’t believe it. 

Of all people in the group, how can lead singer, the one who makes a Linkin Park song sound like Linkin Park pass away? It’s because of Chester’s voice and passion that I fell in love with the band. I am a big fan since they released “In the End” back in college.

I became an even bigger fan when they released Meteora and launched the singles, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Breaking the Habit.”

My love affair with Linkin Park grew that they could do no wrong. Their album Reanimation was on repeat when I was in Hong Kong. Back when I was wallclimbing, I had “Pushng me Away” and “Numb” on repeat. 

When I was at work, I can be mesmerized by “Krwling” and the song made time fly by. 

I was ecstatic when they were featured in two Transformer movies. In a way, it was as if I was sharing my favorite band to the mainstream market, as if they needed even more fans. 

Linkin Park was a band that was somehow rock, pop, alternative and yet mainstream. Their music touched those with depression and angst. They reached out to the forgottens and the rejected. Personally, I just love their music. The rawness of it. The strength of their lyrics, and the musicality on how they put everything together.

Linkin Park is probably my only consistent favorite band.

I was such a big fan that they’re the only band I have committeed to see when they’re on tour and I’m in the same city. So far, I’ve already watched them in Hong Kong, London and Manila and I was ready for more.

Even though their concerts had less special effects and costumes than for example, that of Katy Perry, they had a lot of heart and brought passion into each performance. Nobody was lip singing at their concerts. They always gave it their all and brought true realism in every song.

I am dumbfounded, saddened and affected by the news. There is no one like Chester Bennington and a part of me died when he passed away. I don’t know if there is a Linkin Park after this tragedy, and I am oh so sorry that he passed away so soon.

R.I.P. Chester Bennington

What’s your favorite Linkin Park song?

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