Addicted: DragonVale (Free from iTunes)

Oh no – I’m again addicted to simulation games!

The latest culprit is DragonVale, which is downloadable for FREE in iTunes. I am currently using it via my iPad, and of course, the graphics are terrific!

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The concept is really simple: you are owner of this dragon amusement park and you can buy/sell/breed dragons and make money off park revenues. However, you also need to feed them so they can grow larger and earn you more park revenues!

The graphics are really cute, and it’s honestly very addicting.

I already have My Horse and all these other simulation games, but so far, DragonVale has really caught my attention. What’s better, it’s absolutely free! Here is a more objective review online.

Anyway, London is continuing to be terrific.

Yesterday, I went to the Portobello Street Market at Notting Hill. Yes, that place where the movie Notting Hill, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant was inspired from. And yes, it IS a TRAVEL bookshop. Cute huh?

The Portobello Street Market is actually a long strip of stalls selling tons and tons of antiques. Some are really expensive (I think we saw a nightingale machine costing GBP 8,000!) while others are cheap (e.g., spoons and cutlery costing GBP2 each).

I finally bought a really nice purple mink coat for only GBP50. Original price was GBP 65 but there was a bit of damage that I didn’t really mind. Sure to keep me warm on winter.

Afterwards, we had a really really nice Oriental dinner at Banana Leaf in Queensway. Ordered the Chili Beef with Banana Platter and it was so tasty! Yummmy!

Okay, gotta go and see if the London Dungeon is open. Ciao!

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