I’m in Singapore

Our MBA cohorts were in Singapore for the last three days for a series of meetings. One of our MBA Association’s three big nitiatives, the Singapore trip was in the pipeline for several months now and it’s great to see how the organizer’s vision is coming into fruitation.

Of course, I joined the finance career trek which is a series of 9 meetings with Singapore’s largest domestic banks among others. It was terrific to meet company representatives of DBS, OCBC, BEA in addition to a slew of investment banks like Credit Suisse and Barclays Capital.

As for me, I am staying for a few more days to meet with a few more companies. One is a large Japanese bank while the other is one of Singapore’s sovereign funds. It’s a more informal meeting so you never really know what to expect. With the Japanese bank, it seemed like an exchange of ideas, banking trends and how important it is for us to be more competitive. It’s still cool though when you get to meet with the bank’s General Manager. πŸ™‚

Simultaneously, I’ve been doing a bit of cooking as well for Trader. The menu for tonight: Salmon fillet over mashed potatoes with tomatoes and onion drizzled with balsamic vinegar and steamed asparagus.

I think we cooked too many potatoes and was super stuffed because of all the carbo.

On other news, I am pissed at Trader for playing video games instead of studying for the CFA 3. He only has a few weeks left to study and instead he’s playing basketball via his PC.

Sigh that’s what you get when you date someone younger. I miss older men who have hobbies that are more in tune to my tastes. Oh well…

Anyway, going to relax a bit in Singapore before coming back to Hong Kong. Hope all is well with you all and sorry for not updating as much. As you can see with all the meetings to be attended, it can be a tad busy. πŸ™‚

Take care!

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  1. Really? No wonder I saw people wearing different race shirts! πŸ™‚
    Saw Cisco’s and Standard Chartered.

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