The death of the romantic boyfriend

Written last February 11 and wasn’t posted:

Trader flying over to Hong Kong tomorrow for our once-a-month-let’s-see-each-other trip, romantic.

The fact that he’s informed me not to have any expectations for a gift because he didn’t have any. Trader doesn’t lie about these things. He really doesn’t have anything prepared.


The fact that he thinks that even writing a Valentine’s card is too much effort.


The fact that I am uncomfortable that just because we have been together for almost two years, he doesn’t do anything romantic for me now. Last February, I got a card, a bracelet and a small teddy-bear. Romantic.

The fact that he thinks that…

Aiya, no use to think too much now. I am just mentally exhausted with school and add me to this issue.

Was so looking forward to a relaxing Valentine’s Day weekend with him.


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