At times, I feel that I am the male in our house…

Trader and I were discussing the successful Portugal bond offering tonight.

Unlike many couples who talk about movies they watched or food they ate, our discussions in the evening can reach to the weird (i.e., how foreign companies handle Chinese JVs milking them and their technologies for all they’re worth — they think of it as “rape, but then again, if you relax, it’ll hurt even less”) to the dailies (i.e., Bank of China now allowed individuals to open RMB accounts in the US for trading).

You can then imagine how insanely boring our topics may be to the non-financial mind. Actually, Trader is bored. He hates talking about his work, while I, like the curious child that I am love to ask him about today’s news and the markets.

This as you can understand had caused a bit of tension between us. Having to wake up at 6:00am daily makes Trader grumpy. Me as more of an evening person, I am a bouncing bunny of energy.

Sigh, we are totally incompatible on the biological clock sense, but anyway, we’re re-negotiating our terms.

So before I digress, Trader started ranting over a trade he didn’t make yesterday. Consequently, the stock rose almost 7% today due to news on the successful Portugese bond issuance.

Fuck, my stocks are up 10% from yesterday,” he said. He was waiting for the right time to enter, and apparently, he waited a bit too long.

Don’t worry baby. You can wait till Spain and Italy bond issuance comes out,” I consoled him. “If the results are bad, then the stocks would drop again given the market uncertainty.”

“Or,” I continued. “Why not buy some now so that in case it doesn’t go down, you still haven’t missed the wave. The stock regardless of your entry point is still trading at cheap.”

“No worries, I’m quite particular about my entry points,” said he.

Afterwards, he said, “I hope you don’t take it the wrong way bee.”

“Oh f*ck,” I thought.

“But going forward, if I rant about the stock market, can you please not tell me what I should do?” he continued. “I want to keep an open mindset as much as possible.”


Okay, I’ll just try to listen.”

“Yes, you can ask and listen. Not influence how traders think,” Trader suggested.

As an aspiring salesperson, I’d love to know what everyone thinks. What traders think, what my clients think… so I can consolidate the data and get consensus. So I can have a better grasp of the market.

Sure,” I conceded. “So long as when I tell you something, you have to give me an opinion.”

I feel that I’m the guy in our house who hears a problem and immediately offers a solution. Meanwhile, Trader acts similar to what a girl does in this case, who only wants her partner to helpfully listen and sympathize. Not really come in super macho and save the day.

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate Trader in many ways.

It’s just quite funny how much we are different in some ways. 🙂

Pray for me – I need it for something later. Love you all!

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