Back from the Australia: the Land Down Under!

I’m becoming a bad blogger.

When I first started this site, I had been blogging at least every other day. Unfortunately, life has gotten a bit busier these days with all of my traveling that I haven’t been able to share with you much on what’s been going on from my life.

You guys already know about my Egypt trip. From my departure from the workplace since June 9, I had been traveling to Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Singapore then back to Hong Kong next weekend.

Yes, I had been clocking quite a few miles airbourne these days, and my wallet contains a small dose of Aussie dollars, Singapore dollars, China Renminbei, and Hong Kong dollars.

No worries though. After I get back next weekend, there won’t be too much traveling going on given that I’ll be starting my MBA adventure come August. 🙂 Then I should have more blogging just to share with you the life of an MBA student.

Australia by the way is amazing!

Not really because of its culture. I’ve realized that compared to other older civilizations, Australia is still a relatively “new” country.

In fact, when I was in Sydney, we only visited Circular Quay (containing the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Rocks) and the Darling Harbour. Compared to Egypt with its many old temples, the sights themselves are not impressive to me.

I did however manage to try the BridgeClimb which set me back a whooping 198 Aussie dollars!

Though it was a bit overrated (we only climbed the Arch to the peak via stairs; nothing scary at all), I still honestly believe it’s a must-do in Sydney. Hey, it’s not really everyday that you get to climb the world’s tallest arched bridge right?

A few things from Wikipedia since we’re sharing about this magnificent steel infrastructure:

The bridge was designed and built by Dorman Long and Co Ltd, Middlesbrough Teesside and Cleveland Bridge, Darlington, County Durham and opened in 1932. Until 1967 it was the city’s tallest structure. According to Guinness World Records, it is the world’s widest long-span bridge[2] and it is the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 134 metres (440 ft) from top to water level. It is also the fifth-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world.

The Rocks was really unimpressive to me. No offense to the loyal Australian readers but you do have to realize that I just come from Egypt so it’s really difficult to compare both.

Personally, all it was were rows and rows of nice medium-sized buildings that were a part of Australian history. Nothing really magnificent especially if you compare them to the temples of Bagan which are of two thousand years old.

However, I was totally impressed by the Australian fare. I have NEVER enjoyed such good Western food in my life. 🙂

I really liked their kangaroo steaks (AUD 26.50) which when char-grilled and served with sweet potato mash was just heavenly. Our friend Rody said they tasted more like rubber chickens but done well, they are just amazing.

I also loved their oysters and were wowed by the kilpatricks (usually around AUD 15 for half a dozen) which are oysters cooked with pieces of bacon and creamy sauce. YUMMY!

Trader and I enjoyed around a dozen oysters during our trip! We had around half a dozen fresh oysters and another half a dozen oyster kilpatricks!

Meanwhile, Melbourne is such a quaint and cultural city. 🙂

I’ve never really realized just how much I enjoyed such an ambiance. Imagine a city full of universities, cafes, restaurants, bars and museums! Trader and I even manged to catch the Tim Burton exhibition at the AMIC on our first day there!

Trader was pretty much bored as he very much prefers eating than watching exhibitions, but I loved it! Just shows how sometimes opposites do attract. Haha!

We also enjoyed visiting the Federation Square (which for me was a bunch of cool-looking buildings) and the Crowne Casino.

We also managed the catch a cute bunch of comedians at the Comics Lounge (tickets at AUD 15) which we both totally enjoyed. I would strongly recommend you guys who visit Melbourne to try to get a dash of Aussie humor: lots of cursing and racial/sexist/cultural jokes that aren’t offensive at all (or maybe it’s just us because we found most of it true).

Some we didn’t really get because Australians talk a bit too fast that they sometimes really slur their words altogether, but come on, for AUD15, it’s really worth the visit.

Visitors can also enjoy the City Circle tram which is thankfully for free (appreciate the hospitality!) and the free tourist bus ride you can grab at any of the 13 stops. We would suggest you board in front of the St. Paul’s Cathedral near the corner of Federation Square for optimal views

Altogether, though chilly (it was around 5-16 degrees C when we were there), Trader and I had an enjoyable experience in Sydney. I would really hope to come back when am thinner!

Anyway, hopefully more updates soon. How are you guys while I was away? Hopefully, leave me a comment or two as I’ve missed you all!

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