Restaurant Review: Heritage 1881

Perfect weather today indear Hong Kong, motivating me to take a nice boat trip across to Tsimshatsui to try the renovated old police station.

“Most will recognize us via our three distinct red umbrellas,” the waiter boasted as if they were the only restaurants in Hong Kong with umbrellas. Nonetheless, they are a pretty sight.

“Wow. Impressive decor for the price,” my friend commented. It’s true. Pizzas averaged HKD 100, which is still cheaper than Pizza Express, while their mains were around HKD 180, reasonably priced indeed.

Intrigued, I venture out for the business lunch set and was quite impressed. Their HKD 108+10% tax meal included a choice of soup or smoked duck breast salad, main choices of lemongrass pork chop with red curry, smoked salmon linguini with white wine sauce and Parma ham and cheese stuffed chicken breast. Served with coffee or tea. Yum yummy!

Photos taken during my lovely, relaxing meal. For the ambience and attention I’ve received, it’s really worth a trip done to Tsimshatsui!


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