Falling Deeper

Trader and I both celebrated our sixth month anniversary this week. He even ensured that he was in Hong Kong to share the moment with me.

A great sacrifice indeed to spend a week of his two-week block leave with his girlfriend, don’t you think?

We fought almost immediately.

I found him staring at poster girls too bothersome. And I understandably got upset and gave him a hard time. Later on, we made peace after he said that he won’t do it again.

Later in the week, I was once again visibly angry because he tried to get away from a previously promised engagement. We signed up for some volunteer work, and he wanted to cancel out.

If you cannot keep your word, how can I be assured that you won’t disappoint me the next time again?” I coldly argued. He later on came, though he did give me a hard time because it was too darn cold.

Very unpleasant episodes. Trader now thinks I have volatile moods.

Personally, though I admit I do get upset and am quite vocal about it, I do think that many of my episodes are reasonable. Which girl finds it comfortable if her boyfriend stares at sexy poster women even though she knows that these women will never replace her? And what happens when your boyfriend cancels out on an important event at the last minute? How will you feel?

No matter, it’s a lesson for him on what upsets me. Likewise, it’s a lesson for me on how to handle my anger better.

Even the most perfect of couples fight. It’s how they fight that are really important and what keeps the relationship.

And what I’ve learned?

Though I have much to learn, Trader himself fights well. He doesn’t blow his top to me, listens closely and is quite reasonable. At the end of our fights, Trader and I are at our loving selves again, and I think much credit goes to how he handles fights.

If he gets agitated and fights back, the prideful me would most likely not take it. I’ll scream and roar and just fight back just for the hell of it. If he doesn’t push back however, I’ll get spoiled which isn’t good as well. A man should be treated and respected as a man.

Trader’s terrific. He knows how to balance, and for that I love him very much.

And though his vacation could’ve gone smoother than expected, at least, we were able to see ourselves in a less honeymoon-y period. And though what we saw wasn’t pretty, it was real.

Love you babe, and thanks for spending the last two weeks with me. I miss you!

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