Best. Chicken. Rice. Ever.

Okay, so people may pelt me with stones disagreeing, but I’ve just made the nicest discovery ever. On my quest to find half-bottles of wine around in my area, I came across this restaurant that’s a mere 10 minutes away from my place. As it turns out, my location offers a few more gems than I’ve expected!

Has anybody heard of this restaurant — Wing’s Restaurant?


Their restaurant lacks in terms of ambience, but OMFG, their chicken rice is AMAZING!

Okay, so it may not be the best chicken rice in the world, but heck, for Hong Kong standards, it’s pretty hard to beat! For example, their skin is so crispy juicy that when you cut into the meat, it brings such a thrill when you see a sliver of oil sparkling alongthe edge. The meat is oh so tender that you just pop one in your mouth and it pretty much disappears. No more rubbery chewy ungoodness!

And oh yes, for those who are spendthrifts, here’s a great part — it’s a mere HKD34 (around TW 136) an order, which ain’t bad considering dinners in Hong Kong cost top dollar!

They have other value added offerings available but would highly suggest that you guys stick to the chicken rice. Seriously, the servings was quite large that I didn’t even finish my rice! That’s three pieces of chicken fillet for your information:


Drooly huh? Trust me, it’s way better in person and quite delish.

Hahaha, am ecstatic. This is one good thing when you stay home and NOT plan anything. After such an active weekend over the last few days, I welcome the peace and quiet. Sorry for the double post but just can’t help it.

Take care all and hope you’ve enjoyed your dinner as much as I did!

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