Rugby Player vs. Tennis Player

For women, are the men you attract classified as rugby or tennis players?

For men, for the sake of simplistic generalization, which one are you?

My girlfriends and I discussed this topic over dinner last weekend. “Why is it that you’d attract all the rugby players, while I get the boring goody-two-shoes tennis players?” my friend asked.

Well, in Hongkong, I don’t really attract anyone, much less any guy who plays sports. However, there have been a few times in Taiwan where I’ve caught the eye of a roguish Australian with a brusque manner or a super cute beach bum from Hawaii with a delicious 5 o’clock shadow. They were mind you exceptions to the rule, but they were just ridiculously great stories to tell over and over.

They were so cute that I could die! 😀

But rugby players — which btw stood for those playful, manly men that you met who stomped their way through your heart and beating your every defense — were quite dangerous to deal with. With the exception of one guy, most rugby players were the types who came, who saw and who would try to conquer.

Imagine this, back in the olden days, if they can bonk you on your head and drag you home via your ponytail, they would:


Tennis players however are those that sweat clean. They’re always wearing white, never get dirty and for some reason, leave the impression that they’re doing everything by the books!

In general, may it be my loud personality or my bright-colored clothes, I cannot really attract the tennis players. Most of them would take one look at me and then scoff to the side.

You’re way too loud,” my brother said. “You have to be more mahinhin (demure) and laugh softly. You’re just too talkative and intimidating to them.”

Why is it that when guys don’t find you attractive, good-hearted friends would blame them and say, “Oh, you’re too good for them,” or “They don’t really deserve you,” or “You’re just intimidating and they’re just shy.” Ummm… hello. As the recently watched movie, “He’s just not that into you” had preached, if a guy doesn’t ask you out, he’s just not that into you and unfortunately, I’m not a cup of a tennis player’s tea! 🙁

Maybe it’s me being more of a challenge but for some reason, manly rugby player-like men are more attracted to me than the tennis players. What is ironic is that I actually like to date tennis players if one of them would have me!

Anyway, back to the topic, my girl friend is complaining because she thinks I get the manly men while she gets the more boring and reliable geeks. Not that anything’s the matter about these adorable dorks, as I would love to try to date one myself — if one of them would actually ask me out! 🙂

“Hmmm… I don’t really understand why you’d want a rugby man as opposed to a tennis player,” I said. “Personally, I love the devotion one can get from a tennis player. With a rugby man, they’re more or less more conceited.”

Well, I’d like to try a rugby man,” she insisted. Maybe there’s just something about us that want to try something we’ve never had before. The thing is, be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it.

And she did.

On the same evening, we bar hopped onto Habitat Lounge, one of the nicer lounge bars I’ve ever been to in Hong kong which is located on the top 29F of a building in Wancai. The night was beautiful and it was so peaceful out in the patio.

A guy talked to us and invited us to Dragon-eye, supposedly one of Hongkong’s finest dance clubs that is reputed to be the hangout of snooty well-dressed expats who grind with house music. “My friend has a table,” he said. “And it would bring me much happiness if you can come. My girlfriend will be happy if you can come,” thus lessening our defenses that he was merely there to pick us up.

Women make the best wingwomen — just an FYI.

His friend, a dashing banker also came out, and made straight a beeline to my friend. Hence, while his other friend (the now-wingman) was distracting me, he was moving in for the kill.

DB (or what we’ll call our dashing banker) looked every inch a rugby man. Tall, dark and handsome who spoke splashes of Mandarin, which we are sure he is quite lethal especially in attracting people of the opposite sex. Given his extreme confidence and suave in approaching my friend, am also sure that he’s had quite a bit of practice.

From the moment he started talking to my friend, he’s already moved in for the kill — 10 minutes of conversation with the other guy’s girlfriend who joined us at the patio, he was already holding her hand!

Ack, so fast le!!!

By 20 minutes, we were already in a cab and he was nuzzling her hands already!

Whoa, what happened to take it slow?!

But as my guy friends had said, when men are in pickup mode, who bothers about taking it slow if you won’t see her soon anyway. Which is what I don’t like too much about Rugby players. They come off too masculine, too strong and even the most intimidating of women are a bit caught by surprise!

Anyway, long story short, my friend pretty much backed out of the I-want-a-rugby-player type, now knowing the lowly consequences of dealing with one. And the picture ain’t pretty, my friends.

And yes, Asians can also be rugby players.

The last few weeks, a particular Asian had been trying to ask me out and seemingly cannot take no for an answer. He’s too abrupt in his invitation and too rough on his style that it’s hard to blubber up a no, and am not being too sarcastic for saying so.

I’m back,” he emailed me the other day.

Welcome back then,” I said. “Hope that you had a productive trip.”

A peaceful neutral super short email by any means.

His reply? “Now we can go out for happy hour.”


I hear what?

It’s the same guy who after hanging out asked me for dinner the next time around. “Are you free tomorrow?” he asked.

No, I already have plans,” my reply was curt. He was a bit weird but nonetheless, I couldn’t be too rude with him.

Then how about next Friday?” he asked in a straight-forward abrupt type of way. And this was a week before.

What is wrong with this guy?” I asked our common friend. “The next time I go out with him, you’d just have to come. I insist.”

My friend laughed. “I know this guy, and he’s a manly man. He wants, he takes.”

Aaaargh, care to bet a million that he’s an Aries himself? Why is it that there’s just something about these signs that totally get attracted to me! Is it that sort of danger that they try to put themselves in? The more you say no, the more it excites them.

Anyway, am just rambling now. Hope all is well! Take care and hope that your week this week is way better than mine (today sucked big time btw).

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