Commercial Break: A Moving Sound meets DJ SL-Shiuan Liu

Just saw this show this afternoon, and they totally rock. Nope, this is not paid advertisement, but if you want an afternoon of moving sounds, good times and talented artists, don’t miss tomorrow’s show. Here’s the blurb:

A Moving Sound based in Taipei has performed at many international festivals through Asia, Europe and North America. AMS has created a new musical expression that fuses Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas to create inspired and engaging modern song compositions. Songs are performed on Chinese instruments such as Erhu and Zhong Ruan, as well as Western instruments. Transcendent vocals and dance by lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners to where only the highest art can take us.

In this program, AMS will collaborate with famous DJ SL- Shiuan Liu, who first met Mia when both featured to present Taipei on a program created by Lonely Planet for The Discovery Channel. DJ SL is a sought after music consultant and top veteran DJs for many of Taiwan’s most exclusive engagement. His background is unique; coming from Juilliard as a classical pianist and the underground music scene of NYC as well as being a bestselling author in Taiwan.

This collaboration between DJ SL and AMC has created exciting new compositions with an improvisational vibe and electronic elements for new audiences to dance with and enjoy! Please see and their myspace page for more info.
Time:9/6 Sat. 3:30pm,   9/7 Sun. 7:30pm
Place:Red House, Taipei (next to Xi-Men MRT exit 1)
Ticket:NT500. (group ticket 10 for NT400.)
Buy it on line  02 33939888 (ticket center)
or at the door, or contact Scott 0928316718  02-26663206

Shiuan Liu /DJ SL, Mia Hsieh/ vocal, Scott Prairie/ Alex, Zheng-Jun Wu (zhong ruan & bass guitar) / Tang-Hsuan Lo (percussion) / Hua-Zhou Hsieh (erhu, guitar and zhong ruan)

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