What I Did This Weekend…

1) Rushed to Albert and Brenda’s Farewell Party @ Mei’s Tea House and gorged myself with a buffet-load of food, including sauteed mushrooms, pickled cucumber, delish smoked ham and pepperoni, tasteless pasta, soft bread and more!

2) After receiving 20+ invites from various people, finally set up my Facebook account and tinkered with it. Not used to it yet but always a good start….

Beep! Have 5 friends within the first 10 minutes.

Still, just 5 friends?! I feel like a loser.

But then again, it was around 2:58 am!

3) Woke up earlier than expected so studied for an hour at the Taipei Milk King Branch near my residence before heading over to the

4) 24-hour CityStar Dimsum Restaurant at Nanking East Road to stuff myself with more food and tell the peeps the BIG news, which made their mouths open in surprise:

Just some of the nice stuff I devoured over the weekend: Yangchow Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork and more and more dimsum (and people wonder how I manage to stay thin… clue: I don’t).

5) Maybe the next activity will give a clue: went climbing with Top-Climber at Y-17 for a few hours and finally, after much difficultly scaled the only wall I haven’t finished in 18 months. Yay!

6) Rushed back home to change and beautify myself and met a friend at the Living Cafe, a newly-opened restaurant near Nanking’s Hooter’s. It’s pretty good: NT$680 + 10% tax for so-so steak but great salad bar. They had the interior’s okay, if only the food was better!

But for the price, who can complain?

7) Tried out salsa dancing at Paco’s Olala near Renai Road — geez, since when did Olala! start having salsa sessions?
It was pretty fun though — salsa’s a real sexy dance with lots of hips grinding. I managed to take a picture of the couple who danced the best:

The guy may not look as impressive, but he’s even better than Michael Jackson in the dancefloor. I swear, he was salsa/moonwalking! As for the Caucasian lady, love her top and she can really move her hips!

8) Became real tipsy with the red wine I drunk….

9) Woke up late the next day and met up with a “friend” at Cosmopolitan Grill for a super looooong brunch! Of course, had their soft, mushy and heavenly caviar sour cream omelette and I stuffed myself silly again!

10) Still talking with my friend — we’ve been chatting for 5-hour straight! Beat that! At least, it’s great to know if you have a connection with someone. We vowed to meet again come Thursday!

11) Headed over to the newly-opened Smith & Hsu where I had another marathon study session (must’ve started gagging over that mint tea)

12) Took my second shower of the day, tinkered more with Facebook, answered some emails and updated my blog. Yawning. Almost off to bed!

Night night!

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  1. It’s a newly-opened tea shop near Chungxiao East Road Sec. 5. There’s only 16 seats but the wooden-furnished place is so relaxing. I stayed there for almost 5 hours last night! 🙂

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