A Rhetorical Question

“If you’re already a success and reached the top of your game, how will you know if the people who surround you are there because they really like you — or because of your position?”

This question made me think — it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered a position that made me think this much.

What’s more, this question is real, vivid, and a bit sad.

Personally, everybody starts at 100% with me, and screw me once, and the points go down. But basically, I like people from the very start and it depends on what happens next where I start deducting points.

So that’s almost the complete opposite.

That’s why I am more distrustful of people,” he added.

So how will you really know?

I’m thinking the same question myself — when I met this person, he was just your regular joe. But after hearing him speak, he made me think — am I intrigued by him because of what he has achieved, or because of who he is?

Honestly, I couldn’t care less what a person has. You can pay me tons of money and I won’t go out with a guy I think is a jerk, a bore, or an *sshole. One thing I am proud of is that though it won’t take a lot to get me out, I am not really for sale.

Why did you agree to have dinner with me?” he then frankly asked.

Well, first, I dislike lunches unless absolutely necessary,” I reasoned. “They are too rushed and you don’t really enjoy the food and the company.”

I paused.

And second, from the moment I met you,” I continued. “I felt you had stories to tell.”

He smiled.

“And I was right…” I said. “You tell interesting stories.”

So anyway, the moment of truth — did the message of appreciation come?

Thanks very much for a very enjoyable evening…” it started.

Yes it did. 🙂

Till then!

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6 thoughts on “A Rhetorical Question

  1. hey, just randomly stumbled upon your blog, but thought i’d drop a comment anyways.

    for me i think this question is fairly simple. you’ll never know who has a real friendship with you until you’ve been to hell and back with them. the only way to know is through good ol’ time and experience.

    anyways, i read that you live in taipei! i love taipei, since that’s my motherland. i’m taking some buddies into taipei to let loose and party it up. maybe you can give me some feed back on where to go? thanks=)

  2. This is the 100th…err…make it 15th,time google sent me here in the past 3 months.so I thought I might as well post a comment and see what happens.
    Either you blog about everything conceivable or we share some interests…from kite runner to carnegies,leastways.Heck,i googled for something like ‘school’,and google insisted that I read you first.Can’t a decent man search anything in the net anymore?Not complaining though,I forgot about school.
    You’re writing nice-nice,enzoyed it,though the unearthly hours of posting stumps me.Well done!
    You bet google will send me here again.Till then!

  3. thanks for the advice! you wouldn’t happen to know how much it would run for a table at room 18 or luxy would you?

  4. NT$12,000 for Luxy I think. Suggest you just pay at the door to save costs.

    Tpefvr — wow, never really knew that. I have no clue. Just blog about anything under the son. But yes, we do share some interests. Do drop by when you start googling again. Till then!

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