I can be really dense sometimes — how do you know if you’ve been on a date?

*scratches head*

Just the two of you in an upper class restaurant with a decent bottle of red wine — check.

Guy leans toward you and ask you questions about yourself. He tells you he finds you “interesting” — check.

He walks with you even though he thinks Taiwan is a dangerous place in slightly uncomfortable weather — check. From my experience, only interested guys are willing to walk with me.

But I don’t know.

I think the test lies on whether he’ll be in contact tomorrow and say something like, “Dear Raven, I had a great time last night….”

And actually ensures you that there will definitely be a next time.

So we shall see what happens. No use in thinking about it too much.

My best friend DC says, “A date is a date when you sense some “vibe” going. if you have no chemistry or spark with the guy, it’s not a date I think.”

We’ll see DC… we’ll see…

But it is indeed nice to be pampered. 🙂

So how about you guys? How do you know if someone is interested in you, and to what extent do you classify a dinner a date?

One thing for sure, I had a nice time. 😀


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