Giving a Talk — Hearing a Talk

Omigosh, I think I’ll have gray hairs by the time I’m 28.

Today’s been a slew of one minor heart attack to the next, with my boss even calling me in the middle of a day despite being in Japan for a business trip, not really screaming at me for doing something he doesn’t really approve of. Actually, I’ve misunderstood his instructions, though the correct instruction was much more efficient…

Anyway, blame it on inexperience and I plan not to do it again. But from the time I got to work, till the time I got out, boy… was that a marathon!

So it’s eating in my table Day 2 once again!

And to top it off — I was doing my C10 speech this evening, and I had nothing written down from 4:30 pm!!!

Freaking awful *(#OJDWKEN32w)(#@*@!

Why oh why do I put myself in these most insane of situations?! Of all the time in the world, how can you do a 10-minute speech when you only have around 20 minutes to spare?!

I tell you — geez — horrible, just horrible.

But you take a deep breath and do what you have to do. And I managed to pull something together for the Speech contest in a few minutes on my way to the Toastmasters meeting.

It’s getting late so I’ll share with you my speech sometime this week, but heck, I was practically sweating while doing my speech, hoping to the dear Lord nobody can see that I was ill prepared.

Thankfully, the peeps have been real forgiving, and underneath that false confidence, people couldn’t really tell that my speech was something constructed in almost just double the time to construct it.

Lesson of the evening — when you bullsh*t, do it in such a charismatic and enthusiastic way that nobody would know that you’re just pulling their legs.

But anyway, the topic was something dear to me, and something that I believed in, so I managed to get through it alive.

And after my speech, rushed to the TICC Hall to hear TSMC’s CEO Morris Chang go head to head with Ex-CEO of General Electric, Jack Welsch. Paid a pretty penny for it — NT$1,000. But you pretty much pay the same price when you go to meal, and the speech and company was truly worth it.

Till we finished and I checked my phone.

Sh*t. One missed call from my Big Boss.

Damn. And I missed it.

He asked me to call him back, which I did. But maybe it was already too late so he didn’t pick up.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I feel like a doctor sometimes. 25 hours on call. But it’s a life that I like, even though you get a few minor heart attacks here and there.

Guess, it’s what makes life interesting.

Afterwards, we had a late dinner at NY Bagels near Hsinyi with da boys. Haha, it’s quite interesting to hang out with them. They don’t seem to be as shallow or superficial as I expected. And with their insatiable desire to learn and curiosity, maybe it is worthwhile to hang out with these three once again.

I truly had fun just chatting with them today — and it’s been awhile since I’ve been intellectually stimulated like that. 🙂

Anyway, it is pretty late, but would love to share what I’ve heard from this speech later on as well. Haha, and you get a transcript for free as well, thanks for reading “A Raven Crows.”

But another day, another marathon.

Sigh, but then again, this is expected and I did sign up for it.

That’s why you guys, so important to love what you do.

So let’s see where my roller coaster life takes me for the rest of the week. Ciao!

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2 thoughts on “Giving a Talk — Hearing a Talk

  1. hey you, got to your site randomly, and aw man.. that dress is really hawt!! i luvvv the back! nice blog! i might be moving to taiwan too hopefully end of next month. im an a/c graduate, but due to language barriers, i think i’ll prolly only have a chance of taking up teaching basic english to lil kids as a job in tw since i cant really write chinese and i speak pretty crap chinese haha. since you’re a foreigner living in tw with lots of experience, what do you reckon? 🙂 thanks!

  2. Thanks girl for dropping in! Now, if I can only find the occasion to wear it. That should be really terrific! Well girl, welcome in advance to Taiwan. And don’t worry, take it one step at a time. Can’t even order food when I just got here. But you’ll learn — and fast, especially since Taiwan is a Chinese speaking market.

    Am sure you’ll have a blast!

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