Still alive.

Sorry, I know I should’ve updated with tons of pics to share, but I do have an excuse. My sweet lil ol’ brother did something to my SD card and now, all of my pics are inaccessible!

WTF! And especially during the last day of my vacation.

What the heck?!

So now, am still figuring out how to access my memory card so that I can avail almost a gigabyte of pics of my travels. Sheesh, the bad side of being a computer illiterate. 🙁

Anyway, there should be much time for that. Actually, another excuse is that I have no time to update.

Ever since I arrived in Taiwan, my life’s just a freaking hamster that’s running on its wheel. It hasn’t stopped yet. Seriously peeps, now’s the time when I was able to breathe a bit when I grabbed a beer at the nearby Paulinas, which is a lounge bar just right across Carnegies and right beside Champagne II for the ORIENTED Happy Hour.


Don’t worry, I was there for serious business. Was checking the place out for the possibility of doing a wine-tasting event there, as well as to get a beer.

After working overtime for the past couple of days, I do think that I deserve the break, right?!

And don’t even tell me about the extra Feb 28 vacation day. Sheesh. Am more like “What break?” Had to work overtime till midnight the night before just to get the documents out.

Actually, what depresses me a bit is that I haven’t had the time to hit the gym for the past 2 weeks or so. Now, as I’ve gained at least 3 kgs from my recent travels, this is unfortunately bad news and I’ve gotten my share of flab.

Ironic — you’ve been working your butt out for the past couple of months, only to gain it all back in a week and a half.

But life’s like that. It’s a continuous adventure for success.

Just hang in there…………

Yes, I will survive.

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