Back on the ground

I’m back on the ground, thank God.

And I will till I fly again back to Taiwan this Monday.

OMG. I have a TON of pics and updates!

Check this out — I’ve been in 6 cities just this past week. Can things be any cooler than that?!

Anyway, my vackay’s almost ending (groan!) and time’s almost up before I get back to work.

But I still have three days left, and boy oh boy, I’m going to make all these three days count!

It’s getting late anyway, so going back to sleep.

Night night and catch you later! :0)

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3 thoughts on “Back on the ground

  1. you’ve been going places, literally! 🙂

    post some pictures! food pics! 😀

    have a safe flight back to tw. 🙂


  2. Haha, that’s right! And yes, I have TONS of food pics. People think am crazy because every time we eat, I whip out this camera and start snapping away! 🙂 Soon enough, people won’t even touch the food before I take pictures. So funny.

    Anyway, will post more as soon as I get back in TW. God, hope I remember ALL the details cause there’s tons! How was ur CNY Ann?

  3. my CNY was boring. i returned from a 2-week vacay in manila just in time for the CNY tapos it turned out to be uneventful. all the stores were closed. i even had to eat at mcdo for 3 straight days. hahaha

    but i ended the holiday with a bang… i went to my first Cashbox experience. hahahaha

    gong xi fa cai! 😀

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