This Weekend — Exciting as Always!

What did I do last weekend?

Well, aside from the eat-all-you-can Korean BBQ dinner and social party at the Shannon that evening, after an hour’s sleep, went to Yangming Mountain to check out the sunrise and the hot springs…

Drove across the North Coast to see the eroded rocks in Yeliu…

Checked out the morning light at the white-sand Paishawan Beach…

Headed over to Danshui for some nice seafood lunch for NT$200…

And a green tea/strawberry ice cream combo for 10% the price…

Studied some Chinese and learned how to fire dance at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (and of course, saw some tricks being played too).

Afterwards, headed over to pizza hut for some eat-all-you-can fare!

That’s my crazy friend CW salivating over a veggie pizza… I did mention he was crazy, right? 😉

So you may ask, how can this weekend, or any other weekend, top that?

Well, it did…

This weekend, particularly last Saturday, check out the pic to see what we did…

WAKEBOARDING!!!! Yihaaa!!!

Okay, so what is wakeboarding anyway? Think skateboarding but in the water, and being pulled by a super fast speedboat.

Yes, they do exist in Taiwan. Specifically, in one of the huge man-made lakes in Wugu.

For NT$300 for 2-3 hours, and NT$600 a day, you can enjoy the joy and exhiliration of boarding behind a boat on top speed.

At first, I must admit that I was slightly afraid, but after going around the lake successfully in a wooden beginner’s board without falling, I was totally hooked and tried it out till almost 6PM in the evening (we even caught the beautiful sunset right at the lake).

Must’ve went around 4 times. Sure, I fell a couple of times but heck, the fun always came in trying, right?

And try it I did — and it was a B-L-A-S-T!

This is definitely NOT the last time I’ll get back in the water to do some wakeboarding. Da-Zheng, our instructor said that not a lot of women try out the sport, so was seriously thinking of getting into it.

We’ll see… after the weather gets good again.

Afterwards, went back to town to eat a lovely Thai dinner and some delicious sweet desserts from the Dong Qu Fen Yen (West Black Tapioca) in Yenji Jie.

Was so tired that I skipped all the parties and went home to watch The Skeleton Key on HBO, which surprisingly was a good watch (great twist in the end) before heading off to bed before midnight.

Aaaah, just the perfect Saturday, don’t you think? Living the great exciting life in Taipei…


And you won’t believe what I did today…

Not including going to get a facial, having a nice Vietnamese lunch at Pho 33, and doing overtime at the office for 5 hours (apart from getting a surprise phone call from my boss at 9:30 pm), I had the chance to have a relaxing, quiet dinner at Ton Sushi with my good friend Yumi and her friends.

And who are her friends but none other than Aisa…

And Makiyo, who are popular Japanese actress/singers in Taiwan!

And yes, they both look very cute and Japanese in real life.

Makiyo was accompanied by her ABC (American-born Chinese) boyfriend and they were really sweet with each other. They shared the party at Plush and Room 18 they went to last night where both wore complementing costumes of doctor/nurse and angel/devil for two consecutive nights.

After one are my presumptions that people in the entertainment industry were arrogant b*tches who think that they’re better than everybody else.

No way — all three were as sweet and laid-back as ever. We talked about how Filipino men are great suitors, and my initial shock of finding out that Japanese parents bathe with their children till they’re on their pre-teens.

Afterwards, Makiyo was sweet enough to treat us to see “Hoodwinked” (an adaptation from the Little Red Riding Hood story), which was surprisingly funny.

It tells of a cookie robber, and the suspects are Paul Bunyan, Red (Riding Hood), Granny and the Wolf. Not bad la!

Anyway, I’ll share more tomorrow, gotta go sleep now.

Nighty-night and hope you can share what you guys did this weekend!


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