Snippets of my life

Phone rings a little after lunch.

Guy pal 1: “Heyo Raven! How are you?! Long time no see! It’s been awhile since we’ve talked!”

Raven’s surprised.

Yes, it’s been awhile.

Raven: “What’s up? How have you been?”

Guy pal 1: “Doing good, having lunch with a friend. Wait, there’s somebody who wants to talk to you too!”

*passes phone*

Guy pal 2: “Raven!!!”

Raven: “FXXXXX?! What the heck are you doing with (guy pal 1)?”

Guy pal 2: “Hahaha, well, we’re having dinner now somewhere near the place. We’re both jobless now!”

Raven: “What the heck? Guy pal 1’s jobless as well?”

Guy pal 2: “Yeah! That’s why we’re giving you a call, just to say hi! It’s been awhile!”

Raven just shakes head and smiles.

Great, I don’t know how comforting it is — guys calling you up, or only because they’re bored AND jobless.

Oh well, at least they’re funny. So we make plans to meet up sometime soon.

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