The Microsoft iPod

This video made my day:

Try to imagine what would happen if Microsoft redesigns the iPod packaging:
Maybe it’s because I’m also in the I.T. industry, but the plot line sounds SO much familiar…

Instead of KISS (keeping it simple, stupid), our managers usually insist we put ALL the information on our specs, and convulate the packaging (spoken like a true Chinese, they usually think empty space is a waste of space).

As a result, some of our boxes look like Microsoft’s version!

Regardless, I appreciate good humor such as this. Made by Microsoft employees themselves, it’s nice to see that the behomoth company knows how to at least make fun of themselves.

Make them look more human, I guess. 🙂


Last night was part 2 of packing.

So far, I have 4 boxes filled, and another one on the way: 1 each for books/DVD, jackets/jeans, the expensive NT$73,000 vase I won in a raffle, dresses/skirts and shirts.

Sigh, today’s the last day to pack, hope I get it done in time.

That’s what you get for taking a break and having drinks with French Cutie. He took me to one of his fave hangouts, Peacock, at Shida Road where he ordered a glass of mango lassi, and yours truly a Bailey’s Coffee.

Oh well, the short break was worth it. 🙂

Oh, and for the weekend, if you’re in Taipei, don’t forget to drop by Grandma Nittis this Sunday for their rummage sale for Animals in Taiwan. The sale starts from 5PM to 9PM and I assure you that you can get cheap bargains there!

Hope I’m able to drop by as well — found a lot of lovely stuff last weekend. 😉

Pirates of the Carribean 2 this weekend! Wahoooooo!

So enjoy and have a great weekend!

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