Relaxin’ weekend — kinda

I’m a bit tired — I was up till 3AM packing in time for my move this Saturday.

My room’s a mess, stuff are everywhere and so far, I’ve finished packing all my jackets, jeans, books and DVDs. All that’s left are shoes, clothes and dresses, among other miscellaneous stuff like bags and makeup.

The clothing brand Cinderella crows: “It’s fun being a girl!”

But let me just revise it a bit by saying, “It’s fun being a girl, so long as you’re not the one packing! Geez, I don’t think guys have that much sh*t as we do!

It’s amazing how much stuff we’ve been able to accummulate in just a few months! Good thing, Animals in Taiwan, a non-profit organization helping out (doh!) stray animals, are holding a rummage sale at Grandma Nitti’s this weekend from 5PM to 9PM, so I can donate all my still usable stuff (but don’t like to wear anymore) to them and lessen the load am taking with me to the new place.

Haha, did my shameless plug work?!

Anyway, it’s for a good cause, and heck, somebody’s junk could be somebody’s treasure! πŸ˜›

Sigh, still so much sh*t to do. But I’m kinda enjoying it, it’s been awhile since I’ve done something this therapeutic as packing and cleaning out the clutter. πŸ™‚


Last weekend was pretty relaxing, one of the more relaxing ones I’ve had in a while.

Friday was with the Man of Steel:


My God, Brandon Routh is CUTE.

*drools to the floor*

He’s way cuter than Batman, Spiderman and heck, at times, he even walks, talks and acts like the original Superman, Christopher Reeve.

People said that his greatest claim to fame was looking like Christopher Reeve, but hey, this guy’s acting ain’t that bad as well. Though I can’t deny that he’s one of the cutest guys I’ve seen in a while and has the stage presence and built (trust me, whenever he enters the scene, most women drool) to don the famous red and blue outfit, he’s also able to muster enough compassion and feeling to the role.

You can’t help but empathize with this guy’s love-sick infatuation with Lois Lane (I mean, who hasn’t been in an unrequited love relationship at least once in their life), though you’d like to shake Lois Lane crazy by saying, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?! THAT GUY IS CUTE!!!”

Okay, that’s being shallow, but Superman is your ideal honest-to-goodness man. I don’t think there’s even a bad bone in his body and he really wants to help others that you can’t help but sympathize with this guy’s ability to do everything, except win the heart of this one girl.

In addition, when he’s being beaten up by the baddies, you can’t help but feel bad for him. I mean, this guy saves this world, is good to the very core, and you beat him up?! What type of people are you?! In a way, the story of Superman is reminiscent of the Bible, where God sends His one and only son, the all-good Jesus, to save the world, who then persecutes him. But I digress…

Overall, it was a very entertaining movie. Jimmy was perfectly cast and gave a comedic flair to the movie, while Lex Luthor was adequate as the bald (este, bad) guy. The plot could’ve been atad better though; don’t think Luthor’s will to rule the world can be done via some real estate planning. Oh well…

The All-American Kate Bosworth was so-so as Lois Lane. First, she came off quite bitchy at the start, and you can’t help but shake some sense at Clark Kent’s head on why he’s so much in love with a girl as b*tchy as she is (which may reinforce the thinking that guys do love bitches). She’s also unbelievable as a Pulitzer Prize winner since she looks… well, young.

However, she is lucky though with Richard, played by James Marsden, her kinda-fiancee and father of her son. Marsden left X-Men 3 to play Richard, that’s why they had to kill him off so early in the Marvel movie. It seems to be worth it because you really believe that Richard’s such a good husband to Lois and father to Jason that you can’t help but root for him as well. It’s like, how can you choose between two good men?

Real tough decision…

Yes, do watch this movie when you can.

A word of warning to the men though, avoid seeing this with your date. Though it may seem like the perfect date movie, I was totally engrossed with Brandon Routh until the end of the movie! Haha, with a guy as cute as him, who can concentrate on her date?

Anyway, afterwards, I was dead hungry. The movie was at 8PM, so we didn’t really get to eat dinner. Hence, we dropped by the 24-hour Swensens for some delicious fare — and talked till 3AM (again!).

Not a bad way to spend Friday — a movie and dinner.

*thumbs up*


The show must go on…

Despite sleeping terribly late (though it was good company), I still managed to get up and with the help of a tall order of hot Starbucks vanilla latte, I was good to go and attend our organization’s retreat. It was pretty productive, we talked about what we’ve managed to accomplish last year, and our plans for the next year, and afterwards, spent our time in KTV where we sung our hearts out!

I didn’t know that some of my friends are pretty good singers! I was really impressed by their voice ranges.

I was so tired after we’re done that I trudged home and slept!

It must be the age. I’m getting ooooold…. πŸ˜‰

As for Sunday, haha, woke up at a decent hour for our monthly brunch, this time held at the Cosmopolitan Grill ( at Hsimen Ding. The theme was “Funky Hats,” so almost everybodywore something interesting. VW Cat in the Hat was actually bought on Time’s Square in an extremely cold snowy day, while PG had to creatively concoct her own hat by using a scarf as a turban! I myself won a boring cowboy hat, but it went well with my semi-cheerleading outfit, so that’s okay.

But who won the funky hat contest?

These were the finalists:

There were two “emperor” style caps bought straight from China, and a Spider hat:

In the end, it was the emperor on the left that won the NT$500 Cosmo gift certificate, in addition to the NT$300 won by the Spider hat. πŸ™‚

Bravo to all the participants!

Afterwards, I spent a few minutes shopping around the HsimenDing area. Haha, it’s amazing what type of cheap stuff you can buy there — I bought this really feminine white low-cut halter dress that reached up to the knees. Really nice and really cheap!

Lugging all those stuff home was a chore, but it was more of a chore after I came upon the Animals Taiwan charity garage sale at Grandma Nitti’s! I already wrote about it in a previous entry, but heck, I managed to snatch up some really nice bargains, such as The Tipping Point for just NT$10! I also managed to finish “Rent” before starting my first packing day.

Haha, I should come up with some packing tips for you guys!

Well, here’s one lesson: Black garbage bags rip easily (Coming from the Philippines, we don’t really use them so am unfamiliar with their usage)!!! πŸ™

I thought I had the greatest idea ever when I came up with the idea of using huge, black garbage bags to dump my stuff into, so that it’s easier to carry Santa Claus-style. Boy, was I wrong! Once it reaches the breaking point, the bag just rips and all your stuff into the floor.

Use a sack instead.

It’s far more durable than a silly garbage bag… πŸ™

Haha, on second thought, maybe you can give suggestions on how to pack efficiently. I still have to pack my bags and shoes, so appreciate all the help you can give!

Till tomorrow!

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