Big sigh

While I was having dinner, a thought went into my head: “My gosh, it’s really dull and boring here.”

Maybe it’s because I always need to accompany my parents everywhere they go, but I can distinctly feel the lack of freedom back home. It’s even a thing of comfort as I drink a Vodka Mudshaker that I bought from the grocery earlier this afternoon while I watch the TV. A sign of rebellion so to speak (my dad would go beserk if he even knew I can drink).

I look around me. People all look the same and act the same, day in and day out. Maybe because I don’t get to go out much and I miss the fast and hectic lifestyle back home…

My father’s at it again. He is comparing me to my other friends who earn more $$$ than I do (groan!). And tonight, he’s giving another sermon about my choosing my place in Taipei.

You’re very selfish,” he said. “Why did you choose a home that’s on the 5th floor without an elevator?! Your parents are very old. How can we live with you when we go and visit you in Taipei? How can dad climb up all the stairs?”

“You young people think you’re the best and first,” he continued. “But actually, you’re in the last place.”

Whatever dad.

I chose the place because I felt it was safer, more comfortable and more convenient than the other one. Yes, I admit, I’ve never really taken into account your trouble in climbing up 5 floors up. But considering that my parents only visit once every year, I think that it’s understandable that I didn’t place finding their comfort a first priority.


So here I am, ranting at my blog and feeling slightly heavy. Tomorrow, I meet up with old friends and am quite excited. Hope that tomorrow will be better then!

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2 thoughts on “Big sigh

  1. most chinese parents are like that….
    they can’t seem be satisfied with what their child had achieved. I can sympathize your dilemna towards your parents. My parents are like that as well….and I sick of it. I always do this “pasok sa tenga labas na kabilang tenga” whenever they lecture me…..


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