Home Sweet Home!

Hey guys!

It’s been two days since I’ve written, and just to give you an update… I’m back home in lovely Manila with my family and lil’ brother!

The upside or downside, depending on how you look at it is that I’m being fed at least five times a day with yours truly eating breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and more food than I can really stomach.

You see, my mom always think that I’m malnourished and every time she sees me, she makes sure I don’t starve.

Hence, yesterday, I ate breakfast, airline food and then, delicious BBQ chicken from Aristocrat for lunch. For merienda (late-afternoon snacks common back home), I had half a cheese hotdog, and for dinner, delicious yakiniku from Sakura, a family favorite.

Today, I ate four times — that’s a yummy tocino breakfast, a sotanghon (fried noodles with kunquat)/shepherd’s pie/fried rice lunch, a pasta carbonara/turon (sweet caramelized banana fried in oil) merienda, and a sisig (sizzling pig’s inards)/inihao na pusit (chargrilled squid)/inihao na manok (chargrilled chicked)/laing dinner from Gerry’s, another family favorite.

At this rate, I’d be soooo overweight when I get back! Sure, I’m in food heaven, but I have no doubt that I’m going to pay BIG time (no pun intended) when I get back to Taipei. Sigh, that means more exercising for me. Boo hoo!

Another upside is that I get to spend time with my family.

It may be the fun that I’m used to back in Taipei, but it’s not that bad. I was able to check out the climbing gym at Rockwell, so that was cool.

For example, I spent yesterday watching back-to-back shows at Rockwell. You see, since my parents are already over 60, they don’t have to pay to watch a movie back home. Hence, it’s become their favorite pastime to watch a movie to pass the afternoon since they only need to pay for my brother and I. Thus yesterday, we watched two movies — “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Cheaper by the Dozen II.”

Although I’ve already watched the former, I didn’t mind since my family was sweet enough to wait for me before seeing the movie. “Cheaper by the Dozen II” was surprisingly fun and we were all laughing our hearts off watching it.

The downside is being with my dad. I love the man, don’t get me wrong. But he has this inane tendency to irritate the hell out of me. For example, I hate being compared to other kids. But this afternoon, he again compared me to a second cousin of mine, saying that she has a purpose while I don’t, since I’m staying in a company that has yet to give me a promotion. He also insulted my organization saying that it’s “low-end.”

Nothing hurts more than your dad saying that some other daughter is better than his, especially since I don’t agree with him. Heck, I’m proud with what I’ve achieved in Taipei, and sorry if I’m not like her studying interior design (because I sincerely have no passion for it) and having a “purpose.”

What’s more, I do not agree with my dad’s thinking that my organization is really nothing. I am damn proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past six months and if he isn’t, that’s fine because I am.

Anyway, dad will always be dad. As I’ve said, you can never really choose your parents and unfortunately for me, my dad has a tendency of putting his kid down and comparing them to other kids as a way to “encourage” them to do better.

Big sigh.

Just repeat Raven, “Dad loves you… dad loves you…”

Moving on to better news, I’m glad I was able to spend quality time with my little brother, who’s as tall as I remember him and as sweet, though a little bit jologs (cheesy) since he’s acting cool all the time.

He shared that yes, he has had a girlfriend before but they broke off after a couple of months because he couldn’t handle her model lifestyle (yes, his first girlfriend Lord forbit, is a model). With this, I breathe a sigh of relief, “MY BROTHER IS NOT GAY!!!”

Okay, okay… it did cross my mind so sue me.

He did ask me about my love life and I told him about Ex #2.

Within half an hour, he managed to tell me what I already knew — there’s no future because he’s simply not ready. If I wanted to take the risk and stick by him, do it but expect the worst. He’s really only there to have fun and play. I mean, who could resist a hot and sexy 25-year old who’s gaga over you? But if I want something more, then move on because I’m not going to get it from him.

Guys, no matter how old they are, or where they’re located, they’re mostly the same. 🙁

He then asked me some very embarrassing questions.

“Have you guys done it? What base? First base, second, third, or fourth?” he eagerly asked as he continued by asking, “What does first, second, third and fourth base mean?”

Oh brother.

As if I’m going to answer that.

Anyway, my said brother wants to use the computer so I’d have to go now. Just want to say that I’m doing well and getting fat back home. It’s been raining non-stop but tomorrow, I get to shop at Megamall and hopefully buy some sexy tops so I’m quite excited.

Night-night! Till tomorrow!

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