I’m upset…

Super busy morning. I have so much to say though since I’m upset with a friend, and it takes a lot to upset me.

Last night, I was thinking whether I was right on being upset or not. Did he deserve it? Was I being fair?

But while showering (I seem to think a lot more while showering), I realized, I’m mad at him because he is someone I care about.

If he was merely an acquaintance, I would’ve shrugged of the incident with a wave of my hand saying, “I don’t care.

But I do care.

When an acquaintance does something you don’t approve of, you may just wave it off. But when a close friend does something you don’t approve of, you care.

Oh, you care.

Doesn’t matter if this is a small thing… a small thing stems from core issues. If he did understand me, he knew how sensitive I am about some issues and he would take the proper precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen.

But he didn’t.

Gosh, I’m still pissed.

This is a surprise.

I’m usually not mad after half an hour. It surprises me that I’m still bothered by it the next day.

Not boiling mad, but a simmering one.

God, I hope I can talk to him about this and get this over with.

I do not like this feeling.

Oh, and killing myself at work. 🙁

Not a good start to the day.

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