A Nice Evening

Yesterday, I had a nice evening with my friend, Matt D.

I met Matt around two weeks ago when he gave me a call to attend the Gala. Good thing, we had around 2 tickets left, and I gave him my ticket instead. During the Gala, I saw that he was this nice gentleman, with at least a brain on his shoulders, who could deal with anyone and everyone.
Matt told me that he just finished his MBA degree in Thunderbird and is now in Taiwan looking for a marketing job.

It’s funny — we ate at Mos Burgers, not really the best restaurant if you’d consider it a date (which it was not), but then again, it’s always the company that counts… and Matt is very good company.

Sigh, it’s been awhile since I’ve been out with someone whom I can talk to for hours, with topics ranging from business theories, leadership, CAPT, relationships and the future. We talked for a few hours and the conversation simply flowed, with us smoothly jumping from one topic to the other.

It’s also been awhile since I’ve met someone who’s more or less my intellectual equal. You see, here in Taiwan, I’ve come across sooooo many guys (boys if you’d say) who are just so stupid social-wise that they bore me to tears. They’re always chasing after anybody decent with a skirt, and looking for the next lay.

God, If I could break bread or meet up with guys whose only preoccupation is “hot girls,” I’d scream! And boys like that in Taipei are a dime a dozen! πŸ™

So boring. They absolutely bore me.

Because he recently just got his MBA, Matt told me that the intellectual environment in MBA school was so stimulating and exciting, you just can’t help being in the company of intelligent people.

Sigh, I had that when I was in Ateneo, when I was still in the Honors program… I miss it. That’s why I’m especially glad to meet guys like Matt whom I can talk about Six Sigma, variance, brand research and the five tiers of leadership. Talking with him was very stimulating and I had a lot of fun — even though we only ate at Mos Burgers.

Quick note: Mos Burgers’ fries are terrific! I know they’re fattening, but God, you just got to try them!!! πŸ™‚

Anyway, back to the story…

Haha, don’t think anything of it though. I’m just raving about this guy whom I’m sure I can be friends with in the future.

Hopefully, he won’t remain in “acquaintance” status in my book. And given the similar wavelength and mutual respect we have for each other, I don’t think so. πŸ™‚

Actually, the main reason we had dinner was that he accidentally took home my Jenga game last Sunday… and I wanted it back before he goes back on the 19th.

Regardless of the reason, it was a nice just to have dinner and talk with him. I knew we were going to have good conversation, that dinner merely proved me right.

It’s a great improvement to my mood lately. I’ve come to discover that meeting up with friends, even platonically, does wonders in improving my mood.

I should do it more often… πŸ˜‰


Earlier this week, I have spent some time with Ex #2. At first, I was distant, but maybe after being swayed by some delicious prime rib at Lawry’s, terrific conversation and a nice bottle of red wine, I finally caved in and was again, the affectionate woman that he knew.

It must’ve done wonders to his ego, because afterwards, he was again being distant to me, ignoring me for the whole day with the exception of wanting some information for work.

I’m already seeing a bad pattern to all this: I become ice queen for a time, he romances me with sweet words and nice dinners, and after I melt and he’s “got” me, he returns back to his own apathetic, confident self.


Enough is enough.

I don’t think he consciously means to do what he does — and yet, by allowing this to continue, I feel like a yoyo that’s being played. And I do believe I deserve more than that.

I’ve already told him my stand — I’m a great woman with loads to offer. If he cannot appreciate that, I’ll give him all the space he needs to settle his confusion and figure his life out, BUT I will not wait and pine for him. I will move on, and I know I can.

I don’t like playing games… enough of this one.

Recent events has shown that I have the strong backing of my good friends on this. And if everyone can see the truth but you, you must then be blind.

Hence, I won’t be blind no more. Anyway, he’s going back to the States for the long vacation, hopefully, I can he-toxify myself of him by the time he gets back. He’s becoming detrimental to my health already and that’s not good.

So I stand by my conviction now — I can be platonic friends with him, but nothing more. Let’s see what happens…

C’est La Vie!

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14 thoughts on “A Nice Evening

  1. Only 9, I got taken off from the BMH program during my last semester of third year. πŸ™

    Are u also from BMH?

  2. “Matt D.” As in Matt Damon?! LOL Just kidding

    Re your problems with Ex #2β€”With what he’s doing, I think he’s just to feel less guilty. You know, “Let me check up on Raven, see if she’s doing okay. Poor thing, she might very depressed over the break up.” And once he takes you out and sees you enjoying yourself, ayan, he feels happy that he’s made you happy and leaves until the next time he starts feeling guilty again. It’s such a guy thing. And all the while, he’s also dating others. In Tagalog, namamangka sa dalawang ilog.

    So my adviceβ€”just STAY AWAY from him. Never mind if he says you’re being mayabang or a bitch or “i’m trying to be your friend, why won’t you let me?” Don’t answer his calls, his text messages, and don’t get guilt-tripped into doing anything with him. Tell your friends to scold you when you feel tempted to do either.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  3. Pahabol: I mean, don’t even be friends with him. At least for now. You still have residual feelings for him, that can be very dangerous. My advice is to really just stay away.

  4. wow! didn’t know you were from ADMU too! Not sure how many seniors are in BMH now, less than 10 ata.. juniors din..

  5. Andy and Jes, glad to know there are fellow Atenistas in the house! πŸ™‚

    Jaclyn, thanks so much for your caring and timely advice. Yes, it’s been really hard since I still care for the man so I’m now keeping my distance. He’s going to the US for a few weeks so I hope it helps a lot. πŸ™‚

  6. hehe he goes to the US and you go to Cambodia =) you just have to take some time off and go have a change of scenery for a few days maybe, there are probably some particular places in Taiwan that constantly reminds you of him.

    i think there are 7 people left in the jrs. BMH.. hehe and most of them are not at school now because of JTA..

  7. hi raven, was in bmh too! it’s such a small group that i’d think i know who you are… but then we’re several batches apart…

  8. Waseda, uh-oh, don’t blow my cover. πŸ™‚ But yeah, was in BMH, but didn’t stay too long. Argh, that darned Finance class did me in! Still, it was a very nice experience I wouldn’t change for the world! πŸ˜€

  9. haha yea raven, you’re one of the special few who got to be in BMH.. and omg finance haha i’m taking it now too. in fact we just had the first long exam last night.. i was too excited to start my xmas vacation that i couldn’t care less of what i was answering lolz

  10. Jes, hope you scored well with Finance! Gosh, learn Finance, it’s so useful in the real world. I think one regret I had is that I didn’t have the time to study Finance as seriously because I was so overwhelmed with OpMan and Marketing.

    Because I was a BMHer at that time, instead of 5 people in a group, there was only 3 of us and so we had to work double-time to submit our papers. Hence, I didn’t devote much time to Finance. I remember accidentally sleeping in class because I was so darn exhausted. Learn from my mistake! Learn Finance as much as you can!

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