Guess, I’m not that popular after all…

I discovered that a lot of people do not like me.

They think I’m too upbeat and happy — and it looks fake and superficial.

Even Michael says it himself, “When I first knew you, I thought you were faking being happy because it’s impossible for someone to be happy ALL the time.”

A lot of people think I’m shallow as well.

God, okay, I admit… I can be shallow. So what?

But no way do I think of myself as insincere.

I am no fake.

Geez, because of this blog, I’ve made enemies.

People who I deal with and whom I shared this blog with, took some of the things I said personally. They took my complaint on their behavior as a strike against their character.

Hey, I don’t hate the person, but I am frustrated with what they have done.

Do I not reserve the right to talk and air my thoughts about it in my own freaking blog?!

Okay, I’m not going to apologize for what other people think of me. If that’s what they think, it’s not my problem.

I’ve talked about this before in my previous entries — I don’t give a rats ass on what people who don’t care about me will think about me.

People will always judge… do I have to bend to them every single time?

No way.

This is who I am. And if they can’t accept it, tough sh*t.

If they think I’m a snake, well, you’re entitled to your own opinions.

But I’m secure on who I am and what I can do.

And I know people close to me know that as well.

So I stand my ground.

I’m no people pleaser.

Wow, I’ve really changed the past couple of months!

But truly, enough of the BS.

It really gets old after a while.

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5 thoughts on “Guess, I’m not that popular after all…

  1. Hi Raven,
    I got to this link by clicking on your name in your old blogsite. Hope you realize that your “enemies” could probably also figure this out!

  2. Not sure how to do it. Perhaps you can start by deleting your comment in the old blog? I’m still a newbie in this blogging thing.

  3. hi! i just checked with your old blog, it’s ok na pala/ whoever that person is she won’t be able to find out your new blog address na..yay! for that…=P

    sometimes it’s nice to know who those people who do not like you are, i used to worry a lot about them din, who they are, etc but if there’s one thing that i really learned from reading your entries — it’s not giving a f*ck (sorry for the word) lolz.. to those people who do not like you! it’s their problem, not yours! =) thanks for that!

  4. Jes, of course it still hurts when someone doesn’t like you… but you’re right. You don’t have to give a f*ck to those who don’t care about you anyway. Take care and be strong!

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