A Whole New World

Last night, I had the great chance to view my friend David T. perform his first and last performance with his band, “Requim Birth” at the Living Room. He’s the drummer, and it’s their first and last because their guitarist is moving to Taichung.

They composed their own song, and they were so good. My mouth was open the entire time and their intro simply took me for a ride. They reminded me a bit of Linkin Park — a bit soft then strong in between. Bravo David T.!


The Living Room holds “workshops” every Thursday. It’s when aspiring artists and performers try their hand in strutting their stuff to the public. Some of them perform in a band, while others read poems, sing or breakdance.

It’s a world I’m not very familiar with… and a society that I feel is merely the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve always been complaining how people in Taiwan are just so freaking boring. For many, their favorite hobby is to sleep, watch TV, go to KTV or the movies.

Forgive me if I yawn…

*big yawn*

Other groups like to go clubbing, and when I say this, I mean, they only like to go clubbing. They like to dress up, look cool, drink and dance and go home till the wee hours of the morning. For them, people who aren’t like them are uncool.

Forgive me again if I’m not cool because I don’t go clubbing every Friday and Saturday. I don’t think my salary could afford the lifestyle, and I don’t really like to smoke my hair in a super-regular basis.

But last night proved to me that there are other groups out there who may sleep or go clubbing sometimes, but also have other interests. I found this really interesting.

Many would say that they are lost with no steady job or future. They’re just passing by Taiwan. I think this is merely a generalization, since if you talk to them, you realize that they have more than a life than most of us do.

Most of us just go through the motions — these people are living life.

In amidst of change, it’s great to open your eyes to other words and discover what life has yet to offer. I can’t wait to continue living my life my way and seeing what is there to discover!


This is the weekend where I celebrate my journey towards the quarter-life crisis. Unlike last year, I haven’t really been that excited. I think in a way, I’m dreading it.

Last year, I’ve been surrounded by great friends.

This year, it’s the same — yet, recent circumstances put a damper to the festivities.

Oh well, it’s okay. As they say, wisdom comes in knowing what you can or cannot change… and I’ve already accepted my circumstance. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, heck, I’ll just put my mind in making the most of what life has to offer!

Have a great weekend! C’est La Vie!

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4 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. how do you get so many views on your profile….three hundred and some. heck, my blog has stopped at ninety-five, must be my blog is blocked by someone or something???
    oh well, you can yawn

  2. Cursed1, I have no idea. I didn’t even know I have 300+ profile views till you told me. I just like to write and I try as I can to update daily. People who view my blogs, I see as friends. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hey, hows things ? Wanted to continue the convo from before but I’ve been a little jammed.I have this article that is quite intersting.Send it to you when I get around to scanning it.

    I think its great that you express your concerns to your friend.Of course its right that you recognise that your not in the relationship and only the individuals in it can tell.But from what I see,I think your spot on.I think that when shes saying this “That’s why I’m still observing,” she defended. “I’m trying to see if I can live with him, giving it a year or two.”, its really like a wish that thing are going to change, that is hes going to change.People don’t change much and even if they did it would take a long time.Its better to move on.

    Thats sad with your friends wedding.I guess theres not much point in talking to your dad about it ?

    I hadn’t even realised that there were people that went clubbing in Taiwan.I thought everyone is into KTV lol

  4. @l, pretty good. 🙂 Things are looking a lot better for me. Looking forward to that article!

    She’s not thinking he’d change; she’s hoping she can adjust herself well enough to accept his moodiness and difference in habits. Yes, that’s the thing though — when you’re deep in a relationship, you don’t see things as third-parties do. The best thing friends can do is merely just be there whatever happens.

    Dad’s really stubborn. That’s okay, am going to Green Island instead this weekend — without him knowing! Learned my lesson this time around.

    Yes, Taipei has a very active clubbing scene. “Cool” people go clubbing. I think clubs here may even be a lot better than those in Manila… 🙂

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