A partying weekend…

Last weekend, I’ve been pretty busy, celebrating Canada Day and the birthday of a very good friend. Haha, if you’re all scratching your head wondering why I’d join the Canadian independence day even if I’m not Canadian, well, all I can say is… it’s always good to join in a cool party. I joined in the revelry last year and found Jason, who turned out to be a pretty good guy friend of mine. This year, it was this young 23-year old English teacher named Adam (he’ll be leaving Taiwan on Tuesday though).

But point is, you’ll never really know what you’re missing out if you don’t go.

Anyway… it was real nice.

The weather was just right (not too hot, or cold) and I finally wore my bikini. Yay!

Sure, I wore a skimpy tanktop over it, but still… it’s the point that counts.

Also watched some hot men (and women) play beach volleyball.

And we “almost” won the tug-of-war contest.

Of course, there were some mishaps (i.e., stumbling over a rock and stubbing my toe), but it wasn’t such a big deal.

Bottom line is, I’ve had fun.

And it’s true what they say, “It’s not really where you go… but who you go with.” And I was in the company of really cool, interesting people.

After the beach, we headed to downtown Taipei for some dinner. Boy, I was so stuffed! Afterwards, we went to Carnegie’s for some dancing!


Sunday was spent fattening myself up.

Unintentionally, of course.

But I can still feel the flab! Boo hoo!

After all these weeks of exercising, I let myself go for a day… and now, I have to work out again to lose it all.


For lunch, the birthday boy treated us to a lovely eat-all-you-can brunch at the Sherwood Hotel. At NT$700 (Php 1,190) a head, the brunch is expensive, but still nice. Boy, with a mouth-watering array of sushi, prime rib, desserts and more, I couldn’t breathe after the meal was over! And for dinner, we again ate a delicious Italian dinner at the newly-opened Macaroni Grill at Neo 19.


And to top it off, some KTV afterwards.

I was so buzzed when I got home at 1AM. But it was fun and worth it.

Happy Birthday Mark!


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