When can a guy dance dirty with me?

Yesterday, I had a “carpal syndrome” scare.

My right wrist hurt so much! My sister had an operation before, and since I’m a writer spending at least 8 hours on the computer, I was afraid to be hit by that too. Good thing, my right wrist is a lot better now, otherwise, I’d like to have it checked in the hospital.

Work was boring too. I was too darn tired, so I couldn’t write anything! It sucks cause it took me a few hours to write five paragraphs. I even rested for a few minutes in the bathroom, and who does that?!

Problem is, haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. I mean, I can sleep late for a day, but I’ve been sleeping less these past two weeks! And accumulate all the lack of sleep, and you get a very exhausted person. Sigh, this is an unfortunate result of going out too much. Hmmm… maybe I should cut back on the partying…?

But then again, I’m making progress. I did say no to the invite of going to Carnegies last night. Yay! Score one!


My social life has been flourishing. Ever since I’ve become active in the organization I’m in, I’ve been swamped by so many invitations of late. The past two weekends, I’ve been clubbing, and today, I’m off for a dinner with a group of people, half of which I don’t know quite well. My friend John organized it. He just came back from the US and wants to meet new friends.

It’s all right though. I like people, and am quite comfortable with people I don’t really know quite well. Maybe that’s why I’m very suited to the organization I’m in. Every time there’s an event, I get to meet at least 5 cool people.

Sure, you get to meet some weird people, but you get to meet a lot of interesting people as well. Have to be careful though; had my share of perverted guys. Like for example, when I went to Room 18 two weeks ago, there was this guy who tried grinding with me.


I totally hate that!

Don’t get me wrong. I know this guy, we’ve met at least twice. But I think it is presumptuous of him to try to bump and grind with me, especially since I have given him no indication of my interest!

Basically, if you’re merely an acquaintance or just a friend, DON’T bump and grind with me. It makes me very uncomfortable, and it’s awkward trying to push you away. The best way to know whether it’s okay or not is with the kiss test — If we’ve kissed already, that’s the time you’re allowed to dance that close with me.

If not, don’t even try. You’ll lose all your chances.


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  1. japdoll says:

    LOL. Funny. I can imagine. =p

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