Part III: Vibe Adventure

I didn’t see Mike last Sunday, as previously agreed.

At exactly 11:52, when I was already on my way there, he sent me a text.

I’m really sick right now, and can’t go. Can we reschedule another time later?


My initial reaction — pissed.

I mean, I was already on my way there! You don’t cancel 8 minutes before an appointment (and I always try to be on time)! That’s just plain rude!


Second reaction — still pissed.

What do you expect?!

Wouldn’t you be?!


Third reaction — No change.

Still pissed.

Sick?! Bah!

He probably partied the whole night and had a bad hangover or something. Or, picked up a girl the night before, and couldn’t leave.

Guys, let me tell you, if you use, “I’m sick” as an excuse, there’s an 88% chance that the girl will think you’re merely making an excuse! I mean, can’t you even be more innovative?!

Besides, if he really wanted to make it, he would’ve found a way. If someone wants to meet with you, UNLESS THEY’RE ON THEIR DEATHBED, they’ll make it.

As we’d say in Filipino, “Kung gusto, may paraan… kung ayaw, may dahilan.”

In English, there’s a similar saying, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Literally, we’d translate it as “If you want to, there’s always a way. If you’re not really into it, there’s always an excuse.”


Fourth reaction — not too pissed anymore.

I mean, what can you do? So what if he canceled? Could’ve been worse. I could’ve waited there for hours and he practically stands me up. Life has taught me to look at the glass half-full than half-empty.

Besides, ain’t my loss.

It was already so hard to find the time in my schedule to meet with him. Especially this week, it’s going to be a busy week. Good luck for him trying to reschedule to a later date.



Last reaction — No longer pissed. All these feelings within 3 minutes!

Cutting my losses early, I called up Jose, who was having brunch at Grandma Nitti’s. He called me earlier to have brunch with him, but I declined ’cause I have the coffee thingy with Mike. But since that was cancelled…

Good thing he was still there. So we ended up having coffee together and some great conversation.

You know, you can’t really control the external factors. But you can control yourself and how you react to things. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t pissed. I was. I was quite irritated, because I hate people who cancel in the last minute. But then again, after 3 minutes or so, the irritation died down. I mean, it’s not me who wanted to see him more. He was the one who wanted to see me.


So if he can’t make it, so? Have other things to do anyway. I’m a busy girl, and in this case, there are more important things than a coffee date… like spending time with good friends.


What does Mike look like?

For those who are wondering…

Mike has this rugged look to him. He’s more of the pretty boy type, but he doesn’t look as angelic as guys like Keanu Reeves.

His hair was sandy brown, bushy eyebrows, his eyes blue-green (couldn’t really notice it, but he said it was of that particular color), strong chin with a cleft on the middle, and the semi-buffed body of a man who used to exercise, but doesn’t as much anymore. Shaves but has a 5 o’clock shadow.

Mike is at least tall. At least, a head-and-a-half taller than I am, and in Taiwan standards, I’m already tall at 5 ½ feet. Semi-cute. Charming should be the better word. Nice smile.

A typical American. The last time I saw him, he was wearing a rust-red Abercrombie shirt, and beige cargo shorts. Very laidback and casual.

Not so bad at all. Ain’t the cutest (Tom C. was still cuter), but not so bad too. Very “jock” type.

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